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Search Engine Traffic Secrets - Exposed! 

If you have been trying to figure out the puzzle of search engine optimization, I am sure you will is one of the most challenging problems on the Internet! Just about the time you "think" you have mastered it, along comes another "how to" that dips into your wallet and completely changes everything else you have learned.

First, Let us be upfront for a change. "Search Engine Traffic Secrets" is not some high-powered new program that gives you a false impression of earning untold riches. If you are not sick and tired of hearing those promises, you have probably only been online for a very short time. What exactly do you get? Let me explain...

First of all "Search Engine Traffic Secrets" is not another re-hashed version of complicated information from some cookie cutter guru repeating everything you have heard previously that confused the heck out of you! But that is just the gets even better..."Search Engine Traffic Secrets" is written by a regular guy. Like many of us he was in a fog about search engines and search engine optimization.

After spending way too much money on countless numbers of courses from the so-called gurus he decided enough is enough! What all his research did was allow him to develop a no holds barred SIMPLE explanation of the ins and outs of search engine traffic. Now he is sharing it with you. here is what he has to offer us:

How Do Search Engines Work? 

What is S.E.O? 

Using the ‘Keywords’ tag as Part of Your SEO!  

Continual Optimization! 

Link Partnerships! 

The Importance of Good Content! 

What Determines Site Rank? 

The Google Sandbox: Is it Real? 

What Are They and How do You Write Title Tags, Meta Tags & Keywords? 

What Is Keyword Density and How to Optimize it? 

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking with Keyword Density! 

Inbound and Outbound Links! 

Analysing your Back Links with Google! 

Analysing your Back Links with Yahoo! 

Using the Search Engines To Find Back Links To Individual Pages! 

Analysing your Back Links with MSN, Alltheweb and Hotbot! 

Link Popularity Check! 

Free Back Links Checker! 

The Importance of Back Links! 

Obtaining Worthwhile Back Links! 

Taking Care with Outbound Links! 

Hidden Text and Excessive Keywords! 

Optimizing Sales Letters! 

Get listed in the Best Search Engines! 

Submission tactics for Google, Yahoo and MSN! 

Submission Frequency! 

SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)! 

Why Your Site Places Where It Does! 

The Importance of Online Directories! 

How to Jump From Page 10 in the Rankings to Page 1. 

The Basics! 

And, that is just a fraction of what you will learn in this 159 page guide to everything you need to know about search engines and why this information is so important. Even if you "think" your pages are well placed, think again. You will also learn how to set up a blog and how to optimize WordPress. Do you know how to optimize your press release? Heck, what do you know about RSS? Forget about all the hassle and frustration you have experienced while trying to play at the SEO game. All the answers and more are just one quick click away.

Get your copy of "Search Engine Traffic Secrets" and bring your site out of the murky marshes in the online jungle and into the sunlight where all will see it! Do it now and you can position yourself for the hoards of traffic that will gallop your way! you will be glad you did!

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About the author

Sameer Khan has been marketing on the Internet since 2005 and is proof that Internet Marketing is a booming industry. He was actually promoting a Network Marketing company online when he first learned about Internet Marketing from the Guru, Robert G. Allen! If you have not heard of Robert Allen, he’s an Internet marketing expert that is famous for several New York Times best-sellers including, “Multiple Streams of Internet Income”.

What Sameer learned about Internet marketing puzzled him. He bought expensive leads from lead brokers but, unfortunately, many of them turned out to be bogus leads and even the real ones were not interested in any offers! The breakthrough finally came when Armand Morin and Alex Mandossian came to Singapore for a live event. I learned some secrets of search engine traffic generation and started learning as much up-to-date information, tips and secrets as I could. This book is the result.