Origine della sovranita' Inglese su Malta

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Tipografia del Malta, 1907 - English - 468 pages
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Page 393 - William the Fourth, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain and Ireland, Defender of the Faith (and so forth).
Page 150 - ... only one can be fulfilled, it is true, as a general rule, the promisee may choose which of the two shall be performed; and if his will cannot be discovered, the promisor must fulfil the more important engagement, as being that of which the promisee would presumedly require the fulfilment. 8. Vattel says, that when two duties stand in competition, that one which is the more considerable, the more praiseworthy and productive of the greater utility, is entitled to the preference. Lord Bacon says,...
Page 174 - THE French troops shall march out of the Castle of Goza with the honours of war, and shall lay down their arms as they get out of the gate.
Page 66 - Sail of the Line, will be withdrawn ? and if the Islanders are forced again to join the French, we may not find even landing a very easy task, much less to get again our present advantageous position. I therefore entreat for the honour of our King...
Page 150 - Necessity creates the law, — it supersedes rules;- and whatever is reasonable and just in such cases is likewise legal.
Page 228 - Gli abitant ideile isole di Malta, e Gozo, continueranno a godere, come per lo passato, il libero esercizio della Religione Cattolica Apostolica Romana. Conserveranno le proprietà, i privilegj, che possedevano. Non sarà fatta alcuna contribuzione straordinaiia.
Page 142 - ... assuredly rejoice to have you here, but we none of us see the inside of a Port: I have twice taken shelter under the Madalena Islands on the North end of Sardinia, which form a very fine anchorage. The Village, I am told, for I have not set my foot out of the Victory, contains forty or fifty small houses. As to Malta, it is a perfectly useless place for Great Britain; and as a Naval Port to refit in, I would much sooner undertake to answer for the Toulon Fleet from St. Helens, than from Malta;...
Page 395 - Council for the time being, or by such person or persons to whom he shall refer the same ; which determination, thereupon made, shall, with all convenient speed, be notified in writing to the Commissioners of our Treasury, and the same shall be final and conclusive to all intents and purposes, unless, within three months after the receipt thereof at the office of the Commissioners of our Treasury, we shall be pleased otherwise to order, hereby reserving to ourselves to make such order therein as...
Page 164 - Miih a stipulation is considered as leading to the establishment of a plebeian langue, totally inconsistent with the spirit of the institution of the order. " His Majesty is extremely desirous of devising means by which this objection shall be obviated, and the interests of the Maltese adequately consulted. The proofs of nobility, which have been required for other priories, have been various ; and the power of...
Page 174 - Britannic majesty, or his allies, during the war, till regularly exchanged. "Rear- Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson, KB has entered into articles with the inhabitants of Goza, that if the French surrender to the British, they shall be considered as under their protection, and they will not offer them the smallest insult or molestation. "Signed, 28th Oct. 1798. "Alexander John Ball, Captain of his Britannic Majesty's Ship Alexander. "Approved, "Lockey, Aju. de Battailon. Horatio Nelson.

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