The Liberty bell, by friends of freedom [ed. by M.W. Chapman].

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Maria Weston Chapman
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frontispiece w/ symbols of slavery.

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Page 175 - It is not fit that the land of the Pilgrims should bear the shame longer. I hear the sound of the hammer, I see the smoke of the furnaces where manacles and fetters are still forged for human limbs. I see the visages of those, who by stealth, and at midnight, labor in this work of hell, foul and dark, as may become the artificers of such instruments of misery and torture.
Page 1 - A CURSE FOR A NATION PROLOGUE I HEARD an angel speak last night, And he said, ' Write ! Write a Nation's curse for me, And send it over the Western Sea.' I faltered, taking up the word : ' Not so, my lord ! If curses must be, choose another To send thy curse against my brother. ' For I am bound by gratitude, By love and blood, To brothers of mine across the sea, Who stretch out kindly hands to me.' ' Therefore,' the voice said, ' shalt thou write My curse to-night.
Page 174 - ... entirely and purely elective. If we fail in this, our disaster will be signal, and will furnish an argument, stronger than has yet been found, in support of those opinions which maintain that government can rest safely on nothing but power and coercion. As far as experience may show errors in our establishments, we are bound to correct them; and if any practices exist...
Page 6 - O shame ! To utter the thought into flame Which burns at your heart. This is the curse. Write. Ye shall watch while nations strive With the bloodhounds, die or survive, Drop faint from their jaws, Or throttle them backward to death, And only under your breath Shall favor the cause.
Page 8 - When fools cast taunts at your gate, Your scorn ye shall somewhat abate As ye look o'er the wall; For your conscience, tradition, and name Explode with a deadlier blame Than the worst of them all. This is the curse. Write.
Page 3 - shalt thou write My curse to-night. Because thou hast strength to see and hate A foul thing done within thy gate.' 'Not so,' I answered once again. 'To curse, choose men. For I, a woman, have only known How the heart melts and the tears run down.
Page 195 - In those days, as we gathered round their graves, and resolved that, the " narrower the circle became, we would draw the closer together," we envied the dead their rest. Men ceased to slander them in that sanctuary ; and as we looked forward to the desolate vista of calamity and toil before...
Page 126 - White-hall, that the Negroes in the Plantations should all be baptiz'd, exceedingly declaiming against that impiety of their masters prohibiting it, out of a mistaken opinion that they would be ipso facto free ; but his Majesty persists in his resolution to have them christen'd, which piety the Bishop blessed him for.
Page 189 - If a large majority of this community choose to turn a deaf ear to the wrongs which are inflicted upon their countrymen in other portions of the land — if they are content to turn away from the sight of oppression and ' pass by on the other side' — so it must be. " But when they undertake in any way to impair or annul my right to speak, write, and publish upon any subject, and more especially upon enormities, which are the common concern of every lover of his country and his kind — so it must...
Page 190 - ... driven from public halls to private dwellings, one house at least shall be consecrated to its preservation. And if, in defence of this sacred privilege, which man did not give me, and shall not (if I can help it) take from me, this roof and these walls shall be levelled to the earth, — let them fall, if they must. They cannot crumble in a better cause. They will appear of very little value to me, after their owner shall have been whipped into silence.

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