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I never cared for video games and this article definitely picks up on the few reasons why. As a woman I understand Anna Anthropy's point of view on video games. She points out a few interesting ideas that most people don't think about in depth. growing up I wasn't interested in video games all that much because I believed it was meant for boys and not girls, and I was fine with that. But after reading this article and taking a deeper look at the matter it all makes sense as to why video games don’t appeal to me. I finally realized after all the years that i grew up around videogames that there was a legitimate reason as to why i had a certain opinion about them and it was due to the market. the market of the big gaming industry that is run by a bunch of young men who are being selfish and only want a certain type of consumer to play their games. Now I believe if games were created for a diverse crowd of consumers from their early start then maybe today video games wouldn't be so uniform. But my opinion on video games will probably stand since that is how i grew up for so long. I don’t care too much if it becomes more diverse through the years. however, it would be nice if different types of people would create different varieties of games that could appeal to everyone so the upcoming generation could enjoy it alot more than we did.
Danielle Y.

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