The Pharsalia of Lucan

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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1905 - Pharsalus, Battle of, Farsala, Greece, 48 B.C. - 334 pages

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Page 2 - Nay, I will say more — flattered and encouraged by the Right Honourable Gentleman's panegyric on my talents, if ever I again engage in the compositions he alludes to, I may be tempted to an act of presumption — to attempt an improvement on one of Ben Jonson's best characters, the character of the Angry Boy in the Alchemist'
Page 259 - Falkland ; a person of such prodigious parts of learning and knowledge, of that inimitable sweetness and delight in conversation, of so flowing and obliging a humanity and goodness to mankind, and of that primitive simplicity and integrity of life, that if there were no other brand upon this odious and accursed civil war, than that single loss, it must be most infamous and execrable to all posterity.
Page 138 - As for the writer who attributes the phenomenon to the ocean, his account is involved in such obscurity, that it is impossible to disprove it by argument. For my part I know of no river called Ocean, and I think that Homer, or one of the earlier poets, invented the name, and introduced it into his poetry.
Page 169 - HAG I have been all day looking after A raven feeding upon a quarter; And soon as she turned her beak to the south, I snatched this morsel out of her mouth. 2ND HAG I have been gathering wolves...
Page ix - That o'er the others like an eagle soars. When they together short discourse had held, They turn'd to me, with salutation kind Beckoning me ; at the which my master smiled : Nor was this all; but greater honour still They gave me, for they made me of their tribe; And I was sixth amid so learn'da band. Far as the luminous beacon on we pass'd, Speaking of matters, then befitting well To speak, now fitter left untold.
Page 281 - Thetis, bright image of eternity! When thou didst cry, "Insufferable might! God! Spare me! I sustain not the quick flames, The penetrating presence; all my being, Like him whom the Numidian seps did thaw Into a dew with poison, is dissolved, Sinking through its foundations...
Page 194 - And all her children; yet they hate the most Those whom they know. My fate is in the hands Of you, mine own true soldiers, proved in all The wars we fought in Gallia. When the sword Of each of you shall strike, I know the hand: The javelin's flight to me betrays the arm That launched it hurtling: and to-day once more I see the faces stern, the threatening eyes, Unfailing proofs of victory to come. E'en now the battle rushes on my sight; Kings trodden down and scattered senators Fill all th' ensanguined...
Page 194 - I tremble not with terror, but with hope, As the great day reveals its coming scope : Never in earlier days, our hearts to cheer, Have such bright gifts of Heaven been brought so near; Nor ever has been kept the aspiring soul By space so narrow from so grand a goal.
Page 2 - Nor were they like to like: the one in years Now verging towards decay, in times of peace Had unlearned war; but thirsting for applause Had given the people much, and proud of fame His former glory cared not to renew, But joyed in plaudits of the theatre...
Page 2 - Scathed by Heaven's lightning," but consecrated as much as blasted by the blow, he yet exhibited to the awe and veneration of mankind, a mighty monument of strength and majesty in decay. He stood, like the oak of the poet stripped of that luxuriant foliage, and spreading those denuded arms, which had afforded shelter to successive generations, — " Et trunco non frondibus efficit umbram.

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