The Evolution of Modern Germany

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Page 440 - It is, therefore, my will that both in Prussia and in the legislative bodies of the empire, there may be no doubt left as to my own constitutional right, and that of my successors, to personally conduct the policy of my Government...
Page vi - Science, education, application, and an equal regard for small as for large things — these, in the main, are the causes of Germany's success as a rival in the markets of the world, and, speaking generally, it is safe to say that where the enterprise of other nations has fallen back in these markets it has been owing to deficiency in one or other of these conditions, upon which Germany lays special stress", p.
Page 5 - He sat in his bare little room high under the roof, in simple coat and clumsy shoes ; but his heart was full of sweet dreams, and uplifted by the chords of Beethoven to a rapture which threatened to rend his breast. He wept with Werther and Jean Paul in joyous pain, he smiled with the childish innocence of his nai've poets, the happiness of his longing consumed him, and as he listened to Schubert's song his soul became one with the soul of the universe.
Page 359 - All far-off acquisitions are a burden to the State. A village on the frontier is worth more than a principality two hundred and fifty miles away.
Page 432 - ... amendment in the full house substantially modifying the measure. The former, as spokesman, explained the reasons why the Conservative party could not vote for the bill. I concluded my exhaustive reply with these words : ' Constitutional government is impossible if the government cannot confidently rely upon one of the greater parties even in such exceptional matters as are not entirely to the taste of the party — if that party cannot balance its account in this way : " We support the government...
Page 467 - Austria is confronted by no such difficulties as for us are indissolubly bound up with the re-establishment of Polish independence, difficulties incident to the adjustment of the respective claims of Poles and Germans in Poland and West Prussia, and to the situation of East Prussia. Our geographical position, and the intermixture of both nationalities in the eastern provinces, including Silesia, compel us to retard, as far as possible, the opening of the Polish question...
Page 5 - One is often pained and overcome with longing [writes a modern German professor], as one thinks of the German of a hundred years ago. He was poor, he was impotent, he was despised, ridiculed and defrauded. He was the uncomplaining slave of others; his fields were their battleground, and the goods which he had inherited from his fathers were trodden underfoot and dispersed.
Page 8 - A one-sidedness which only esteems material values and an increasing control over nature is destructive in its influence, and this one-sidedness set in during the nineteenth century in Germany. We Germans have ceased to be the nation of thinkers, poets, and dreamers, we aim now only at the domination and exploitation of nature.
Page 349 - The ocean is indispensable for Germany's greatness ; but the ocean also reminds us that neither on it nor across it in the distance can any great decision be again arrived * Quoted in " The Origins of the War," by J. Holland Rose, Litt.D., p. 39. at without Germany and the German Emperor.
Page 5 - May we recognize that while the airy theories about international trade and manufacturing for the world may do for the foreigner and belong to the weapons with which he has always invaded us, they have no applications for Germans and that next to unity amongst themselves, their internal independence and commercial selfreliance are the means to their salvation and through them to the welfare of Europe...

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