The Navy in the Civil War ...: Ammen, D. The Atlantic Coast

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C. Scribner's Sons, 1883 - United States
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Page 104 - I had hoped that the endurance of the iron-clads would have enabled them to have borne any weight of fire to which they might have been exposed; but when I found that so large a portion of them were wholly or one-half disabled by less than an hour's engagement, before attempting to remove (overcome) the obstructions, or testing the power of the torpedoes, I was convinced that persistence in the attack would only result in the loss of the greater portion of the iron-clad fleet, and in leaving many...
Page 107 - ... But whether you can or not, we wish the demonstration kept up for a time, for a collateral and very important object ; we wish the attempt to be a real one, (though not a desperate one,) if it affords any considerable chance of success. But if prosecuted as a demonstration only, this must not become public, or the whole effect will be lost. Once again before Charleston, do not leave till further orders from here...
Page 167 - Andrews, be unconditionally surrendered to the Government of the United States in terms of full capitulation. " And it is stipulated and agreed by the contracting parties on the part of the United States Government, that the officers and men shall receive the treatment due to prisoners of war.
Page 104 - I beg leave to recall to the attention of the department : " The exigencies of the public service are so pressing in the gulf that the department directs you to send all the iron-clads that are in a fit condition to move, after your present attack upon Charleston, directly to New Orleans, reserving to yourself only...
Page 210 - By this time the enemy's fire was very severe, but a dose of Canister, at short range, served to moderate their zeal, and disturb their aim. Paymaster Swan of the Otsego was wounded near me, but how many more I know not. Three bullets struck my clothing, and the air seemed full of them. In a moment we had struck the logs, just abreast of the quarterport, breasting them in some feet, and our bows resting on them.
Page 220 - ... it. Finding that the batteries were silenced completely, I directed the ships to keep up a moderate fire in hopes of attracting the attention of the transports and bringing them in.
Page 65 - Small, is superior to any who have come into our lines — intelligent as many of them have been. His information has been most interesting, and portions of it of the utmost importance.
Page 26 - Battery. These heroic men retired slowly and sadly from their well-fought guns, which, to have defended longer, would have exhibited the energy of despair rather than the manly pluck of the true soldier.
Page 58 - The town also was entirely deserted, and nearly all the property which could be removed had been taken away. Proclamations were posted by Commander Gordon on several public buildings, urging the inhabitants to return to their homes and promising protection to the property of all good citizens.
Page 81 - Mercedita after, it seems, she had yielded to the ram, supposing herself sinking. The rams withdrew hastily toward the harbor, and on their way were fired at by the Housatonic and Augusta, until both had got beyond reach of their guns. They anchored under the protection of their forts, and remained there. No vessel, ironclad or other, passed out over the bar after the return of the rams in shore.

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