Anomalies and curiosities of medicine

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Rebman Publishing Company, 1898 - 968 pages
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Page 751 - he shall also bring him to the door or unto the doorpost, and his master shall bore his ear through with an awl ; and he shall serve him forever." All the Burmese, says Sangermano, without exception, have the custom of boring their ears. The days when the operations were performed Fig.
Page 913 - was issued, containing in part the following statements :— " The small-pox, so fatal and so general amongst us, is here entirely harmless, by the invention of ingrafting, which is the term they give it. There is a set of old women who make it their business to perform the operation
Page 913 - a mind to have the small-pox ; they make parties for this purpose, and when they are met. the old woman comes with a nut-shell full of the matter of the best sort of small-pox, and asks what vein you please to have opened. She
Page 913 - autumn in the mouth of September, when the great heat is abated. People send to one another to know if any of their family lias a mind to have the small-pox ; they make parties for this purpose, and when they are met.
Page 236 - is gray, but not with years, Nor grew it white In a single night, As men's have grown from sudden fears." The commentators say that Byron had reference to Ludovico
Page 913 - rips open that you offer her with a large needle, and puts into the vein as much matter as can lie upon the head of her needle, and after that hinds up the little wound with a hollow shell, and
Page 442 - Mental Vigor,' tells of a man who could remember the day that every person had been buried in the parish for thirtyfive years, and could repeat with unvarying accuracy the name and age of the deceased and the mourners at the funeral. But he was a complete
Page 254 - We have in English the expression, " pulling a long lip." Its origin is said to date back to a semimythical hero of King Arthur's time, who, " when sad at heart and melancholic," would let one of his lips drop below his waist, while he turned the other up like a cap on his head.
Page 17 - On the approach of a woman in this state, must will become sour, seeds which are touched by her become sterile, grass withers away, garden plants are parched up, and the fruit will fall from the tree beneath which she -sits." He also says that the menstruating women in Cappadocia were
Page 817 - tickle your nose with something and sneeze, and if you sneeze once or twice even the most violent hiccough is sure to go." The attack must have been a severe one, as it is stated subsequently that the hiccough did not disappear until Aristophanes had excited the sneezing. Among the older medical writers Weber speaks of singultus lasting for five days

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