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Page 186 - I first began working at the subject, and it is only within the last two or three years that I have seen clearly that the cost is pretty sure to depend upon the power.
Page 220 - Farms, before the Select Standing Committee of the House of Commons on Agriculture and Colonization.
Page 149 - Director, Dominion Experimental Farms, Ottawa. SIB, — I have the honour to submit herewith the twentieth annual report of the Chemical Division of the Experimental Farms.
Page 54 - You cannot get rid of her too quickly. 4. For weighing the milk a simple spring balance may be secured for from one and a half to four dollars. If your local dealer cannot supply you, write the undersigned for particulars. A small platform scale is fairly convenient, but we find the spring balance preferable. 5. Many farmers keep records of the amount of food fed to individual cows. If you would like to do so, sample forms would be sent free on writing to JH Grisdale, Agriculturist, Central Experimental...
Page iv - A. Sharpe, Superintendent of the Experimental Farm for British Columbia, at Agassiz. In these reports there will be found the results of many important and carefully conducted experiments in agriculture, horticulture and arboriculture, the outcome of practical and scientific work in the fields, barns, dairy and poultry buildings, orchards and plantations at the several experimental farms; also of scientific research in connection...
Page 4 - ... of the experiments and observations which have been made during the past year in connection with the apiary. The large and constantly increasing demand by the farmers of the Dominion for the publications issued from the Experimental Farms, the rapidly extending correspondence, and the readiness shown by farmers everywhere to co-operate with the work of the Farms in the testing of new and promising varieties of cereals...
Page 320 - No matter where farming is carried on, the farmers realize that to bo sure of a crop they must prepare a portion of their land the year before the crop is grown, and apart from the value of the stored moisture, there is the inestimable advantage of keeping weeds from overrunning the farm. The true worth of properly prepared fallows has been clearly demonstrated in past years in every pram-growing district of Saskatchewan.
Page 62 - MILK RECORDS. 1. The profitable dairy cow must give over 5,000 pounds of milk each year. To know the value of a cow, her total annual yield of milk must be known. The only way to know this is to keep a record of her daily milk yield. 2. The form on the other side of this sheet is intended to help progressive dairy farmers by supplying them with a simple and convenient sheet for the keeping of the milk records of their individual cows. A study of such records will soon indicate which cows should go...
Page 341 - Not sufficiently stirred to enable soil to retain the moisture. 'Third Method. — Ploughed shallow (3 inches) before the last of June; surface cultivated during the growing season, and ploughed deep (7 to 8 inches) in the autumn. ' Result. — Soil too loose and does not retain moisture. Crop light and weedy in a dry year. 'Fourth Method. — Ploughed deep (7 to 8 inches) before the last of June; surface cultivated during the growing season.
Page 208 - ... be thrown into a bonfire, when the tops and bottoms fall off and the sides become unsoldered. The central piece of tin can then be cut down the centre with a pair of shears and forms two tubes. (6) Wrapping a piece of paper round the stems of plants when setting them out will also save a groat many.

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