The History of Suffrage in Virginia

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Johns Hopkins Press, 1901 - Suffrage - 76 pages

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Page xii - Riley. 50 cents. IV-V. Servitude in the Colony of North Carolina. By J. 8. Bassett. 50 cents. VI-VII. Representation In Virginia. By JAC Chandler 50 cents. VIII. History of Taxation in Connecticut (1636-1776). By FR Jones. 50 cents. IX-X. A Study of Slavery In New Jersey. By Henry S. Cooley.
Page xiv - 60 cents. III. Local Government in Illinois. By Albert Shaw.—Local Government In Pennsylvania. By EKL Gould. 30 cents. IV. Saxon Tithingmen In America. By HB ADAMS. 50 cents. V. Local Government in Michigan, and the Northwest. By EW Bemis. 25 cents. VI. Parish Institutions of Maryland. By Edward Ingle. 40 cents. VII. Old Maryland Manors. By John
Page xiv - X. Town and City Government of New Haven. By CH LEVERMORE. 50 Cents. XI-XII. Land System of the New England Colonies. By M. Egleston. 50 cents. FIFTH SERIES.—Municipal Government, History and Politics.—$3.50. I-II. City Government of Philadelphia. By EP Allinson and B. Penrose. 50 cents. III. City Government of Boston. By James M.
Page vii - Penrose, AB 444 pages. 8vo. Cloth. $3.00. Baltimore and the Nineteenth of April, 1861. By George William Brown, Chief Judge of the Supreme Bench of Baltimore, and Mayor of the City in 1861. 176 pages. 8vo. Cloth. $1.00. Local Constitutional History
Page xiv - in New England, etc. By William B. Weeden. 50 cents. X. Town and County Government in the Colonies. By E. Channino. 50 cents. XI. Rudimentary Society among Boys'. By J. Hemsley Johnson. 50 cents. XII. Land Laws of Mining Districts. By CH Shinn. 50 cents. THIRD SERIES.—Maryland, Virginia and Washington—$4.00.
Page xiv - Mubbay Butler. 25 cents. VIII. Notes on the Literature of Charities. By Herbert B. Adams. 25 cents. IX. Predictions of Hamilton and De Tocquevllle. By James Bryce. 25 cents. X. The Study of History in England and Scotland. By P.
Page v - 2. Rhode Island and the Formation of the Union. By Frank Greene Bates, Ph.D. Price, f 1.50. 3. Centralized Administration of Liquor Laws in the American Commonwealths By Clement Moore Lacey Sites, Ph.D. Price, $1.00. VOLUME XI,
Page ii - Teaching of the Apostles (complete facsimile edition). J. Rendel Harris. Editor. 110 pp. and 10 plates. 4to. Cloth, $5.00. Reproduction in Phototype of a Syriac MS. with the Antilkqomena Epistles. IH Hall, Editor. Cloth, $4.00. The Diplomatic Relations of the United States and Spanish America. By John H. Latan6 (The Albert Shaw Lectures on Diplomatic History
Page xiv - 35 cents. IV. City Government of St. Louis. By Marshall S. Snow. 25 cents. V-VI. Local Government in Canada. By JOHN GEORGE BOURINOT. 50 cents. VII. Influence of the War of 1812 upon the American Union. By NICHOLAS
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