Middle Temple Records: 1603-1649

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order of the Masters of the bench, and sold by Butterworth & Company, 1904
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Page 922 - ... Monday in Lent, unless it fall in the term, and then on the day used in the several Houses. The Summer Reader shall begin the first Monday in August. The double Readers shall continue for a week at least. The single Readers for a fortnight at least, and read as often as hath been used in the several Houses. No Reader shall have above the number of ten men to attend him during his reading. Every Reader shall make and put in his reading as many cases as has been most commonly used in the House...
Page 588 - because the institution of these Societies was ordained chiefly for the profession of the law, and secondarily, for the education of the nobility and gentry, and in no sort for...
Page 588 - Societies ought to give a powerful example of good government in matters of religion, and to be free not only from the crime, but from the suspicion of ill affection in that...
Page 888 - Notwithstanding the publication of the order of 22 Nov. for breaking up at Christmas and locking the Hall door, divers gentlemen of the Society, with their swords drawn in a contemptuous and riotous manner, assembled on St. Thomas...
Page 987 - Court, whereby it was ordained that the Inns of Chancery shall hold their government subordinate to the benchers of the Inns of Court unto which they belong; and in case any attorney, clerk, or officer...
Page 986 - ... by the space of a fortnight at the least, and in that time to read as often as hath been used in the several houses. 3. No reader shall have above the...
Page 837 - ... to apply and follow their studies to keep the case, to perform their exercises, to order their habits and hair to decency and formality, according to the orders of the bouse ; and to yield due respect and observance to the benchers and ancients, their govenours.
Page 918 - ... barresters seat, near to the cross isle, at the foot of the stone, which hath now, or at least had lately, inscribed on it, Oblivioni sacrum."™ By the provision of his will, dated September 27, 1641, Ashley bequeathed all his books and furniture, together with three hundred pounds for their maintenance, to "this noble Society of the Middle Temple, in which I have spent so many yeares of my life, how unworthy soever, yet a member thereof.
Page 987 - that the Benchers of every Inn of Court cause the Inns of Chancery to be surveyed; that there may be a competent number of chambers for students; and that once a year an exact survey be taken, that the chambers allotted for that purpose be accordingly employed.
Page 888 - John Ryves, jun., and Matthew Hore, Controllers of the Hall, These gentlemen, with others, continued to keep Christmas with commons and play until they were convented before the Lord Chief Justice, and were commanded by him, by his Majesty's special direction, to break up their commons and conform to the order. For the above conduct Mr. Llanden is fined forty marks, and Messrs. Lechmere, Hensbawe, Stackpol.

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