The French Revolution: A History, Volume 1

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J.M. Dent, 1914 - France
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Page 156 - These wave their Town-flag in the arched Gateway; and stand, rolling their drum; but to no purpose. In such Crack of Doom, De Launay cannot hear them, dare not believe them: they return, with justified rage, the whew of lead still singing in their ears. What to do? The Firemen are here, squirting with their fire-pumps on the Invalides cannon, to wet the touchholes; they unfortunately cannot squirt so high; but produce only clouds of spray.
Page 152 - And now to the Bastille, ye intrepid Parisians! There grapeshot still threatens : thither all men's thoughts and steps are now tending. Old De Launay, as we hinted, withdrew ' into his interior ' soon after midnight of Sunday.
Page 155 - pale to the very lips,' for the roar of the multitude grows deep. Paris wholly has got to the acme of its frenzy; whirled, all ways, by panic madness. At every street-barricade, there whirls simmering a minor whirlpool, — strengthening the barricade, since God knows what is coming; and all minor whirlpools play distractedly into that grand FireMahlstrom which is lashing round the Bastille. And so it lashes and it roars. Cholat the wine-merchant has become an impromptu cannoneer. See Georget, of...
Page 156 - We are come to join you," said the Captain ; for the crowd seems shoreless. A large-headed dwarfish individual of smoke-bleared aspect, shambles forward, opening his blue lips, for there is sense in him ; and croaks :
Page 148 - Freedom reach us ; when the long-enthralled soul, from amid its chains and squalid stagnancy, arises, were it still only in blindness and bewilderment, and swears by Him that made it, that it will be free ! Free ? Understand that well, it is the deep commandment, dimmer or clearer, of our whole being to be free. Freedom is the one purport, wisely aimed at, or unwisely, of all man's struggles, toilings and sufferings, in this Earth. Yes, supreme is such a moment (if thou have known it) : first vision...
Page 156 - Elie, half-pay Hulin rage in the midst of thousands. How the great Bastille Clock ticks (inaudible) in its Inner Court there, at its ease, hour after hour, as if nothing special, for it or the world, were passing! It tolled One when the firing began; and is now pointing toward Five, and still the firing slakes not.
Page 30 - Meanwhile it is singular how long the rotten will hold together, provided you do not handle it roughly. For whole generations it continues standing, 'with a ghastly affectation of life,' after all life and truth has fled out of it : so loth are men to quit their old ways ; and, conquering indolence and inertia, venture on new.
Page 159 - O evening sun of July, how, at this hour, thy beams fall slant on reapers amid peaceful woody fields ; on old women spinning in cottages ; on ships far out in the silent main...
Page 133 - You have heard the King's orders ! " — Mirabeau glares on him with fire-flashing face ; shakes the black lion's mane : " Yes, Monsieur, we have heard what the King was advised to say : and you, who cannot be the interpreter of his orders to the States-General ; you, who have neither place nor right of speech here ; you are not the man to remind us of it. Go, Monsieur, tell those who sent you that we are here by the will of the People, and that nothing but the force of bayonets shall send us hence...

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