Hand-book of organic analysis. Ed. by A.W. Hofmann

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Page 142 - Warm Springs.— Hot Springs and Jets of Steam. — Jets of Gas and Mud Volcanoes. — Volcanoes and Earthquakes.— Temperature of the Outermost Crust of the Earth. — Temperature of the Lowest Layer of the Atmosphere. — Lines of equal Heat. — Temperature of the Upper Layers of the Atmosphere. — The Snow Limits. — Glaciers. — Temperature of the Waters, and their Influence on Climate. — Currents of the Sea. — Winds. — Moisture of the Air and Atmospheric Precipitation. — Electricity...
Page 137 - The Science and Art of Surgery ; being a Treatise on Surgical Injuries, Diseases, and Operations. By JOHN ERIC ERICHSEN, Senior Surgeon to University College Hospital, and Holme Professor of Clinical Surgery in University College, London.
Page 140 - The profession is much indebted to Dr. Ballard for this unpretending little volume, which, we feel certain, if carefully studied, will accomplish its object of removing many of the difficulties at present surrounding the diagnosis of abdominal diseases.
Page 140 - The authors have succeeded in producing a work well adapted for students. The copious references made, both to elementary works and to original papers, are most valuable ; more especially as this species of research is of great importance to students, and is apt to be neglected by the authors of manuals.
Page 143 - ANNUAL REPORT OF THE PROGRESS OF CHEMISTRY and the allied sciences, physics, mineralogy, and geology; including the application of chemistry to pharmacy, the arts and manufactures. By Justus Liebig and H.
Page 146 - ... and neck, etc. etc. The anatomical description has been made topographical, so to say, in accordance with the peculiar plan of the work ; for only so much of a vessel, nerve, or muscle, is described, as may be laid bare by the dissection, in order that the student may not be perplexed by a reference to objects that are not seen.
Page 139 - Morton's Surgical Anatomy of the Principal Regions. Completed by Mr. CADGE, late Assistant Surgeon. University College Hospital. Twenty-five Lithographic Illustrations Coloured, and Twenty-five Woodcuta. Royal 8vo, 21. cloth lettered. " The work thus completed constitutes a useful guide to the student, and remembrancer to the practitioner. We can speak very favourably of the general execution of the work.
Page 144 - The merits of this remarkable volume are great. The painstaking, conscientious, cautious, ingenious, — we had almost said the religious, and certainly the self-possessed enthusiasm with which the experimental clue is followed from turn to turn of the labyrinth, is surpassed by nothing of the same sort iu the whole range of contemporary science.

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