The Library of American Biography, Volume 7

Front Cover
Jared Sparks
Harper & bros., 1853 - United States

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Page 114 - Journals of Major Robert Rogers : containing An Account of the several Excursions he made under the Generals who commanded upon the Continent of North America, during the late War.
Page 217 - To the lives and happiness of his Men Dared to lead Where any Dared to follow ; If a Patriot, Remember the distinguished and gallant services Rendered thy Country By the Patriot who sleeps beneath this Marble; If thou art Honest, generous and worthy Render a cheerful tribute of respect To a Man Whose generosity was singular Whose honesty was proverbial ; Who Raised himself to universal esteem And offices of Eminent distinction By personal worth And a Useful life.
Page 214 - DEAR SIR,— Your favor of the 2oth of May I received with much pleasure ; for I can assure you, that, among the many worthy and meritorious officers with whom I have had the happiness to be connected in service through the course of this war, and from whose cheerful assistance and advice I have received much support and confidence, in the various and trying vicissitudes of a complicated contest, the name of a Putnam is not forgotten...
Page 292 - In these poems" (Amir Khan, &c.) " there is enough of originality, enough of aspiration, enough of conscious energy, enough of growing power to warrant any expectations, however sanguine, which the patrons and the friends, and parents of the deceased could have formed.
Page 85 - ... no aid, tax, tallage, assessment, custom, loan, benevolence, or imposition whatsoever, shall be laid, assessed, imposed, or levied on any of their majesties' subjects, or their estates, on any color or pretence whatsoever, but by the act and consent of the governor, council, and representatives of the people assembled in general court.
Page 252 - Notes borne by angel's purest wing, And wafted by their breath away. When sleeping in my grass-grown bed, Should'st thou still linger here above, Wilt thou not kneel beside my head, And, sister, sing the song I love ? " We insert here a striking circumstance that occurred during a visit she made to her sister the following year.
Page 292 - This statement does not comprise the large proportion (at least one third of the whole) which she destroyed. The genius of Lucretia Davidson has had the meed of far more authoritative praise than ours. The following tribute is from the London " Quarterly Review " ; a source whence praise of American productions is as rare as springs in the desert. The notice is by Mr. Southey, and is written with the earnest feeling, that characterizes that author, as generous as he is discriminating. " In these...
Page 209 - General McDougall is to take the command of the posts in the Highlands. My reason for making this change is owing to the prejudices of the people, which, whether well or ill grounded, must be indulged ; and I should think myself wanting in justice to the public and candor towards you, were I to continue you in a command, after I have been almost in direct terms informed, that the people of the state of New York will not render the necessary support and assistance, while you remain at the head of...
Page 214 - Putnam is not forgotten ; nor will it be but with that stroke of time, which shall obliterate from my mind the remembrance of all those toils and fatigues, through which we have struggled for the preservation and establishment of the rights, liberties, and independence of our country.
Page 36 - God was pleased to smile upon my outward concerns. The various providences, both merciful and afflictive, which attended me in my travels, were sanctified unto me, to make me acknowledge God in all my ways. I have divers times been in danger of my life, and I have been brought to see that I owe my life to him that has given a life so often to me...

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