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A fun book with some great interviews with programmers. Peter Seibel did a wonderful job of coaxing stories and insights from them.

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It's a splendid book and worthwhile read for anyone who is a programmer and enjoys programming. What you will observe in in this book, all the coders covered were of different types, enjoying hacking on different parts of system, developed different kinds of programs ranging from one page scripts to language design and everything in between from database interacting systems, compilers. Some truly enjoy theoretical aspects of computer science too. All gave good opinion and had strong em-phasing on testing and writing unit tests.
They had different ideas on many aspects like, if C language is responsible for many security loopholes and surprisingly many had a dislike towards C++, stating it as complex beast. Ken Thompson comes in strongest in his views against C++. The best social aspects I liked were the thoughts of jwz, then I like Brad Fritzpatrik's enthusiasm in developing webapps, database driven system and tools that support that. Simon Peyton Jones talks about Lazy evaluation in every page. I found Joe Armstrong approach to programming stunning! It seemed to me that if he had a requirement to do anything, be it compiler or distributed network system, he would simply sit down and write it.
Lot's of anecdotes from the lives of great programmers. Peter Seibel does a great job as a writer and as an interviewer. The writing is good that I am inspired to read Peter Seibel's technical work "Practical common lisp" as the next one, along with the bibliography material of this book. I cherished reading this one.

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As a beginning programmer I learned a lot from this book and enjoyed the different perspectives. Got a little redundant at times, but if you're in the industry, it's definitely worth reading a few of the interviews for a new perspective and help stir up some ideas.

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Review: Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming

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Very good interviews with well known coders. They were all over the spectrum--from some folks who never graduated college, to Stanford professor Knuth. It was good to see how such a disparate group ... Read full review

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