The History of Switzerland, for the Swiss People

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C. S. Francis & Company, 1855 - Switzerland - 405 pages

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Page 408 - Essays on the Principles of Morality, and on the Private and Political Rights and Obligations of Mankind. By Jonathan Dymond. With a Preface by the Rev.
Page 415 - It would form a most excellent syllabus for private or school-room lectures, for " Unlike most books, the title comes very far short of the contents. We must cordially commend it to all who have to do with education.
Page 411 - The original treatise has passed through sovera. editions since its first appearance in this country, although it has not even yet commanded a degree of attention at all proportioned to its merits, which are of the highest order. Without launching out into abstruse speculations on the grounds of moral obligation, it takes its stand on the revealed will of God as the rule of...
Page 413 - The Constitutional Text Book. Containing Selections from the Writings of Daniel Webster ; The Declaration of Independence ; The Constitution of the United States ; and Washington's Farewell Address. With Copious Indexes.
Page 407 - Guide to Roman History, From the Earliest Period to the close of the Western Empire. By Rev.
Page 414 - No science is more generally interesting than that which explains the common phenomena of life. We see that salt and snow are both white, a rose red, leaves green, and the violet a deep purple; but how few persons ever ask the reason why ! We know that a flute produces a musical sound, and a cracked bell a...
Page 41 - Tell was on the rock, the boat out about the lake. The freed man climbed the mountain, and fled across the land of Schwyz ; and he thought in his troubled heart, " Whither can I fly from the wrath of the tyrant ? Even if I escape from his pursuit, he has my wife and child in my house as hostages. What may not Gessler do to my family, when Landenberg put out the eyes of the old man of Melchthal on account of a servant's broken fingers ? Where is the judgment-seat before which I can cite Gessler, when...
Page 415 - The object of Dr. Brewer's Guide to Science is to supply answers to about 2000 such questions, in language so simple that every child may understand it, yet not so childish as to offend the scientific. 2. For a Reading and Lecture-Book.
Page 407 - Analyzed, and Illustrated from Analogy, History, and the Writings of Celebrated Ancient and Modern Authors, to teach the Art of Argumentation and the Development of Thought. By the Rev. Dr. Brewer, Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Revised and Adapted for the Use of Schools in the United States.
Page 40 - God and all the saints, manfully to assert liberty; and they appointed New Year's night for the work. Then they separated ; each returned to his valley and to his cabin, and tended his cattle. The bailiff, Hermann Gessler, was not easy, because he had an evil conscience. It seemed to him that the people began to raise their heads, and to show more boldness. Therefore he set the ducal hat of Austria upon a pole in Uri, and ordered that every one who passed before it should do it reverence. By this...

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