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Oh...what a time!

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My husband talked about this book a LOT both while he was reading it and afterward. Its an amazing chronicle of what happened during the dust bowl. Terrible times! Wellwritten book! Read full review

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The Dust Bowl was both a great ecological and a great human disaster and Tim Egan presents each narrative well. Human action--the quest for short-term profit--proved once again to lead to self-destruction. The lesson, alas, is one that has yet to be learned. Read full review

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These are the true stories of the men, women and children who lived through The Dust Bowl years during the 1930's. Many families left that area when crops failed because of drought and dust storms ... Read full review

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Great book, historical. I am glad I read this book. It is a wonderful book. Doesn't leave you with much hope that we people, God's people, ever learn our lessons. Read full review

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A popular history of the Dust Bowl which is infinitely readable and well researched. There is also a very well done documentary from this author on the Dust Bowl to accompany this book. I would ... Read full review

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a knitting friend gifted me this book and i'm so glad she did. this is a fantastic book. the writing is engaging and the different families that you follow along the way are interesting and heart ... Read full review

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A very informative story about a major environmental disaster - a disaster whose prime causes were human. A disrespect of natural ecosystems and environmental limits, best summarized by the common phrase "rain follows the plow", combined with greed, speculation leading to a wheat price bubble, and a drought within normal climate variation turned a sublime grassland that once supported bison and Comanches alike into an American desert. Science, in the personification of John Wesley Powell, had warned against such unsustainable agriculture, but like climate science today, was ignored by development boosters and politicians alike. While the perseverance and hard work of the farmers profiled are admirable and hard to comprehend to modern minds, the denial of environmental facts seem all too familiar today. The New Deal responses of Roosevelt and Bennett were well-intentioned and partly successful, but in retrospect the use of tree shelter belts and agricultural subsidies were mistakes that morphed into sometimes counterproductive and problematic government programs. 

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Wow. This is an amazing book, bringing the history of the Great Plains in the 1930s to life. I had no idea how bad things were. Read full review

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Excellent human history of the Dust Bowl years. Read full review

Great history

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The price is less than the stores. Its a great history of the era. Read full review

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