The Blue Ocean's Daughter

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Greening & Company, Limited, 1908 - American fiction - 317 pages

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Page 7 - Great Thoughts.—" The most beautiful book on my table is ' Woman and the Wits.' ... In this lovely volume of about 200 pages some of the wisest, wittiest, tenderest epigrams on woman and on cognate topics to be found...
Page 7 - In this lovely volume of about 200 pages some of the wisest, wittiest, tenderest epigrams on woman and on cognate topics to be found in ancient and modern times, have been brought together with taste and judgment.
Page 52 - I wonder whether any of you have read that remarkable work of fiction, entitled ' When it was Dark'? It paints, in wonderful colours, what it seems to me the world would be if for six months, as in the story it is supposed to be the case, owing to a gigantic fraud, the Resurrection might be supposed never to have occurred, and as you feel the darkness creeping round the world, you see how woman in a moment loses the best friend she ever had, and crime and violence increase in every part of the world....
Page 7 - SCOTT. Illustrated with portraits drawn by WG MEIN. Cloth, gilt, 2s. 6d. New Edition, with a chapter by WL COURTNEY, dealing with Mr. HB Irving's impersonation of Hamlet. Crown 8vo, sewed, is.
Page 5 - Though this work is published anonymously, the publishers are able to announce that it is from the pen of one of the most brilliant writers and publicists of the period, and the book, by reason of its audacity, has created a considerable stir in literary circles. Evening Standard and St. James Gazette.— "observations on the old and new journalism of London written down with a clever and sometimes a caustic pen.
Page 4 - Royal Lovers and Mistresses. The Romance of Crowned and Uncrowned Kings and Queens of Europe. By DR. AS RAPPOPORT, Author of " Famous Artists and Their Models,
Page 12 - Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d. Some of the Subjects dealt with :— The Call of Motherhood. Incompetent Mothers. Irresponsible Mothers. Child Nature. Child Training. Recreation and Companionship. Spectator.-- "This little book is full of good sense.
Page 43 - An Obscure Apostle. 6s. Saturday Review. — "An absorbing and delightful story, and we are sure it will be read with the greatest pleasure by those who can best appreciate the merits of the finer kinds of fiction.
Page 6 - Sisters by the Sea. Seaside and Country Sketches By CLEMENT SCOTT. Frontispiece and Vignette designed by GEORGE POWNALL. Long l2rno, attractively bound in cloth, is. Some Notable Hamlets of the Present Time. (SARAH BERNHARDT, HENRY IRVING, BEERBOHM TREE, WILSON BARRETT and FORBES ROBERTSON). By CLEMESTT SCOTT.

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