Irische Texte mit Wörterbuch, Volume 2

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Hirzel, 1884 - Folklore
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Page 160 - After them I will not be alive — Three that would go into every conflict, Three who liked to endure hardships, Three heroes who never refused combat. 0 man that diggest the tomb. And that puttest my darling from me, Make not the grave too narrow, 1 shall be beside the noble ones.
Page 145 - Beloved is Draigen over a strong beach: Dear its water in pure sand; I would not have come from it, from the east, Had not I come with my beloved.
Page 169 - And the servant said unto him, Peradventure the woman •will not be willing to follow me unto this land : must I needs bring thy son again unto the land from whence thou earnest ? And Abraham said unto him, Beware thou, that thou bring not my son thither again.
Page 157 - Usnech." 530. Cathbad believed those sayings of Conchobar, and he went to restrain the Children of Usnech, and he wrought wizardry upon them, for he put a great-waved sea along the field before the Children of Usnech. And the men of Ulster two feet behind them, and sad it was that the Children of Usnech were overwhelmed in the great sea, and Naisi uplifting Deirdre on his shoulder to save her from being drowned.
Page 99 - and he is called Naisi, son of Usnach, son of Conall Flatnailed, son of Rury the Great, of whose race came also Conchobar, as we said above.
Page 159 - Naoisi's love: Short my life after them: I will perform their funeral game. After them I will not be alive Three that would go into every conflict, Three who liked to endure hardships, Three heroes who refused not combats.
Page 100 - The text in the Yellow Book of Lecan, a ms. in the library of Trinity College, Dublin, marked H. 2. 16. The tale begins at col.
Page 150 - Emain, treachery and guile will be wrought be upon you." 1 lit. on me story of it. 321. Aud they went forward in that wise to the door of the house of Emain and asked that it should be opened for them. The doorward answered and asked who was there. He was told that it was three sons of Usnech who were there, and Fergus
Page 140 - For it is apparent that they are sons of a king of a border -district, and they would defend the province of Ulster against every other province in Ireland, even though no other Ulstermen should go along with them. Because they are heroes for bravery, and those three are lions for might and for courage.
Page 143 - Fergus hath come from our own native land with peace: for not sweeter is honey than a (false man's) message of peace; and the three sips of blood that have been taken from us, they are ye, who will go with him, and ye will be beguiled.

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