Lemurs: Ecology and Adaptation

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Lisa Gould, M.L. Sauther
Springer Science & Business Media, Dec 13, 2006 - Science - 450 pages
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Lemurs: Ecology and Adaptation brings together information from recent research, and provides new insight into the study of lemur origins, and the ecology and adaptation of both extant and recently extinct lemurs. In addition, it addresses issues of primate behavioral ecology and how environment can play a major role in explaining species variation. Moreover, in a larger context, the information contained in this volume expands our knowledge of primate ecology and allows us further insight into mammalian adaptations to unusual and often harsh environmental conditions that arise from both natural and anthropogenic factors.

The book is divided into two sections. The first section is a background to lemurs and their ecology and it includes chapters on origins of lemurs, history of ecological studies on lemurs in Madagascar, theories relating to the evolution of lemur traits, and ecology of the recently extinct (sub-fossil) lemurs. Section two is comprised of chapters focusing on the ecology and adaptations of many species of extant lemurs to the diverse habitats found on Madagascar, and in some cases, adaptations to extreme climatic variability and natural disasters.


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I am Lisa Gould, the first editor. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I seem to have turned up as 'Lisa Lofland Gould' in many of the online ads/reviews for this book. Lisa Lofland Gould is a different person from me. She was not the first editor of this book, I was. I do hope that the Google Books people will see this and correct the error.  


Origin of the Malagasy Strepsirhine Primates Ian Tattersall
Notes on the History of Ecological Studies of Malagasy Lemurs Alison Jolly and RW Sussman
Ecology and Extinction of Madagascars Subfossil Lemurs Laurie R Godfrey William L Jungers and Gary T Schwartz
The Evolution of Lemur Traits Basic and Unusual Patterns
Impact of Ecology on the Teeth of Extant Lemurs A Review of Dental Adaptations Function and Life History Frank P Cuozzo and Nayuta Yamashita
Big Is BeautifulFat Storage and Hibernation as a Strategy to Cope with Marked Seasonality in the FatTailed Dwarf Lemur Cheirogaleus medius Joann...
Polyspecific Associations of Crowned Lemurs and Sanfords Lemurs in Madagascar Benjamin Z Freed
Cathemerality in Lemurs Deborah J Curtis
Lemur catta Ecology What We Know and What We Need to Know Lisa Gould
Impact of Seasonality and Reproduction on Social Structure Ranging Patterns and FissionFusion Social Organization in Red Ruffed Lemurs Natalie V...
Ecologically Enigmatic Lemurs The Sifakas of the Eastern Forests Propithecus candidus P diadema P edwardsi P perrieri and P tattersalli Mitchell T Ir...
Behavioral and Ecological Adaptations in Two Small Folivorous Lemurs with Different Social Organization Avahi and Lepilemur Urs Thalmann
The Feeding Ecology and Related Adaptations o Indri indri Joyce A Powzyk and Christopher B Mowry
Behavior and Ecology of Gentle Lemurs Genus Hapalemur Chia L Tan
Lemur Adaptations to a Changing Environment Natural and Anthropogenic Stress
Considering Climate Change Effects in Lemur Ecology and Conservation Patricia C Wright

Adaptations in the Ayeaye A Review Eleanor J Sterling and Erin E McCreless
Connecting Ecology and Adaptation Summaries and New Studies
Evolutionary Divergence in the Brown Lemur Species Complex Steig E Johnson
Ecological Diversity and Seasonal Adaptations of Mouse Lemurs Microcebus spp Ute Radespiel
Social PairBonding and Resource Defense in Wild RedBellied Lemurs Eulemur rubriventer Deborah J Overdorff and Stacey R Tecot
Diet Composition Foraging and Feeding Behavior in Relation to Habitat Disturbance Implications for the Adaptability of Ruffed Lemurs Varecia v ed...
Overview on the Health and Disease Ecology of Wild Lemurs Conservation Implications Randall E Junge and Michelle L Sauther

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