Annual Report of Charles E. Magoon, Provisional Governor of Cuba, to the Secretary of War [Dec. 1] 1907

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908 - Cuba - 94 pages
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Page 29 - utmost confidence in President Roosevelt and his Administration; many of them realize that public sentiment and many of the great special interests of the United States are opposed to annexation now or hereafter; they know that the joint resolution adopted in April, 1898, by the United States Congress. " that the people of the Island of Cuba are and of right ought to be free and independent,
Page 14 - never feared to admit, nor am I afraid to say aloud, that a political dependence which assures us the fecund boons of liberty is a hundred times preferable for our beloved Cuba to a sovereign and independent republic discredited and made miserable by the baneful action of periodic civil wars.
Page 9 - declared and the assurances given by my predecessor, Secretary Taft, will be strictly adhered to and carried out. As provisional governor, I shall exercise the powers and perform the duties contemplated and provided for by the third article of the appendix to the
Page 55 - or lower the price of labor or regulate its conditions wrongfully, provided such combination has begun to be carried into effect, shall be punished with the penalty of arresto mayor. This penalty shall be imposed in its maximum degree on the leaders
Page 7 - for instructions. I ask all citizens and residents of Cuba to assist in the work of restoring order, tranquillity, and public confidence. WM. H. TAFT, Secretary of War of the United States,
Page 81 - is at present at work upon a map of the Island of Cuba which will show the provincial, municipal, and barrio boundaries. This work will be exceedingly valuable, as there has been in the past much conflict as to the territorial limits of the municipalities. It is expected that this work will be completed within the next six months. A section of
Page 5 - -with equality of right as to international relations. Thereupon it became advisable for the United States to guarantee the preservation of Cuban independence, the maintenance of a government in the island adequate for the protection of life, property, and individual liberty and the discharge of the obligations imposed by the treaty of Paris.
Page 7 - Alejandro Rodriguez, in command of the Rural Guard and other regular Government forces, and Gen. Carlos Roloff, treasurer of Cuba. Until further notice the civil governors and alcaldes will also report to
Page 9 - The vice-president also resigned. The Congress dissolved without filling either vacancy. Thereupon, the President of the United States, by "virtue of the authority conferred by the Cuban constitution and the existing treaty between Cuba and the United States, appointed
Page 85 - letters and sciences, medicine and pharmacy, and law. At the request of the university some changes have been effected in its course of studies, in the division of its faculties, and in the degrees which it confers. Among the most important may be mentioned the division

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