Laboratory Manual of Testing Materials

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McGraw-Hill Book Company, Incorporated, 1920 - Building materials - 178 pages
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Page 86 - ... and the excess paste at the smaller end sliced off at the top of the ring by a single oblique stroke of a trowel held at a slight angle with the top of the ring, and the top smoothed, if necessary, with a few light touches of the pointed end of the trowel.
Page 85 - The dry materials shall be weighed, placed upon a non-absorbent surface, thoroughly mixed dry if sand is used, and a crater formed in the center, into which the proper percentage of clean water shall be poured; the material on the outer edge shall be turned into the crater by the aid of a trowel. After an interval of J minute for the absorption of the water, the operation shall be completed by continuous, vigorous mixing, squeezing and kneading with the hands for at least one minute.* During the...
Page 85 - C being 1 cm. in diameter for a distance of 6 cm., the other having a removable needle D, 1 mm. in diameter, 6 cm. long. The rod is reversible, and can be held in any desired position by a screw E, and has midway between the ends a mark F which moves under a scale (graduated to millimeters) attached to the frame A. The paste is held in a conical, hard-rubber ring G, 7 cm. in diameter at the base, 4 cm. high, resting on a glass plate H about 10 cm. square.
Page 83 - The flask, during the operation, shall be kept immersed in water, in order to avoid variations in the temperature of the liquid in the flask, which shall not exceed 0.5 C.
Page 160 - ... in diameter, and shall be graded in size from the smallest to the largest particles. It shall be clean, hard, durable and free from all deleterious matter; coarse aggregate containing dust, soft or elongated particles shall not be used.
Page 80 - C. for one-half to one hour. The residue shall be treated with 10 cc. of concentrated hydrochloric acid diluted with an equal amount of water. The dish shall be covered and the solution digested for ten minutes on a steam bath or water bath. The diluted solution shall be filtered and the separated silica washed thoroughly with water...
Page 158 - The cement shall be stored in such a manner as to permit easy access for proper inspection and identification of each shipment, and in a suitable weather-tight building which will protect the cement from dampness.
Page 91 - The moist closet may consist of a soapstone, slate or concrete box, or a wooden box lined with metal.
Page 147 - ... 3. The test shall consist of a 1 cm. fall of the hammer for the first blow, and an increased fall of 1 cm. for each succeeding blow until failure of the test piece occurs. The number of blows necessary to destroy the test piece is used to represent the toughness, or the centimeter-grams of energy applied may be used.
Page 85 - During the operation of mixing, the hands should be protected by rubber gloves. 38. The temperature of the room and the mixing water shall be maintained as nearly as practicable at 21 C.

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