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THE DESIRE OF AGES brings into a single volume the best of the author's writings on the life of Christ. I've read it different ways--as a student, as a seeker, and as a scholar. Every way I've read it, it has impressed me. As a student, I read the book as an adjunct to a class on the life of Christ. Together with a harmony of the Gospels, it added color and depth to the study of Christ's life. As a seeker, it spoke to me about the unique Son of God who came to earth on a mission to reach and save me. As a scholar, I have studied how the author, Mrs. Ellen G. White, revised her telling of the story of Jesus' life from the 1850s to the l890s, using pieces of Jesus' life she incorporated in letters and periodical articles, which she wrote to help others keep a firm grasp on spiritual realities. THE DESIRE OF AGES draws all of these sources together. I have also sifted through other books on the life of Christ to see where they intersect with this one. Being a faithful account of Christ's life, this book, like many other good accounts of Christ's life, follows the Gospels from the manger to the cross to the clouds of heaven. Yet, unlike the others, it constantly pans out from each scene, changing lenses so the reader can see the scene from heaven's point of view. Its spiritual lessons and "eyewitness" details help the reader accomplish what the author suggested in one of the book's earlier chapters. It makes it easier for the reader to spend "a thoughtful hour" on the life of Christ, allowing the imagination to "grasp each scene" (The Desire of Ages, p. 83). 

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The desire of age
Love this book

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When I tell people about this book or give or sell one, I tell them, next to the Bible, this book is the simply the very best book on the life of Christ I have ever read.
You will find in these
pages insights and lessons you probably never considered before. This book is a must read for people who want to enrich their walk with God and grow in Him. 

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Desire of ages is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read.
If you are sad, lonely, or depressed, it will lift you up. I know from personal experience that it has changed many people's
lives after I recommended it to them. It is such a pity to see the leading web reference headline "Not of God" in the Google search. They have no idea. Enjoy and read for yourself!
David Lawrence III (Grandson of the founder of USNEWS&WORLD REPORT)

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