Journal of Educational Psychology

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American Psychological Association, 1921 - Education
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Page 130 - from the raw products of sensation and memory. The essential difference, therefore, is in the capacity to form concepts to relate in diverse ways, and to grasp their significance. An individual is intelligent in proportion as he is able to carry on abstract thinking. One
Page 220 - per second, is mounted in the path of the beam of light in such a way that the light is intercepted at each vibration. These vibrations produce on the film a line of dots rather than a solid line, each dot representing a time of exactly one-fiftieth of a second. Since the film is
Page 429 - Yes,—if the rating is done under conditions as rigorous as the following: First, if each final rating given a person is the average of three independent ratings, each one made on a scale as objectified as the man-to-man-comparison type of scale. Second, if the scales on which the ratings are made are comparable and equivalent,
Page 430 - The point cannot be made too emphatically that we should discard these loose methods of rating once and for all. We cannot justify wasting the time of our school administrators and deluding our teachers with fictitious "ratings" and "marks." Even on one of the so-called "standardized" point rating schemes a single rating has little or no scientific validity.
Page 429 - having been made in conferences under the instruction of one skilled in rating scale work. Third, if the three raters are so thoroughly acquainted with the person rated that they are competent to rate. But these conditions are practically unattainable in public schools. Hence the answer to our original
Page 204 - and error, c) the volitional capacity to realize the modified instinctive adjustment into overt behavior to the advantage of the individual as a social animal. The inhibition of an instinctive adjustment involves the substitution of an overtly passive deliberative attitude against
Page 302 - school systems including problems of administration, supervision, management, reporting, and educational statistics; secondary education including problems of organization, administration, inspection, curriculum-making, and the pedagogy of the various subjects; elementary education with the problems in this field analogous to those cited for secondary education, and
Page 130 - The races which excel in conceptual thinking could, if they wished, quickly exterminate or enslave all the races notably their inferiors in this respect Any given society is ruled, led, or at least molded by the five or ten per cent of its members whose behavior is governed by ideas. The typical pick-and-shovel man does his thinking
Page 220 - continuously in the vertical plane, the record shows a vertical line of dots while the eye is fixated in a single position, and a short horizontal line when the eye is in motion in a horizontal or oblique direction.
Page 189 - a strength of 199 correct out of 200 is to be had, and that the teaching is by an intelligent person working in accord with psychological principles as to both ability and interest. For one of the easier bonds, most facilitated by other bonds (such as 2 X 5

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