Is the Higher Criticism Scholarly?: Clearly Attested Facts Showing that the Destructive "assured Results of Modern Scholarship" are Indefensible

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Sunday School Times Company, 1922 - Bible - 62 pages
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1922 work rejecting higher Criticism (Documentary hypothesis) by Dr. Robert Dick Wilson

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Page 10 - I've seen the day, when I've just trembled at undertaking a new investigation, but I've gotten over that. I have come now to the conviction that no man knows enough to assail the truthfulness of the Old Testament. Whenever there is sufficient documentary evidence to make an investigation, the statements of the Bible, in the original texts, have stood tba test.f Sir Wm.
Page 19 - ... Moabite into Hebrew and in 40 cases of the opposite, or 184 in all, the evidence shows that for 2300 to 3900 years the text of the proper names in the Hebrew Bible has been transmitted with the most minute accuracy. That the original scribes should have written them with such close conformity to correct philological principles is a wonderful proof of their thorough care and scholarship; further, that the Hebrew text should have been transmitted by copyists through so many centuries is a phenomenon...
Page 13 - There are many whose faith in the veracity of the Scriptures has been shaken, and the best way to re-establish their faith is to show them that the charges which are brought against the Bible are untrue and unwarranted. The Old Testament narratives are in harmony with all that is really known of the history of the world in the...
Page 21 - ... an indestructible basis upon which to rest our faith in the reliability of the history recorded in the books of the Old Testament Scriptures. Doubt about some of the minor details can never invalidate this strong foundation of facts upon which to erect the enduring structure of the history of Israel.
Page 19 - Moreover, an extraordinary confirmation of the careful transmission of the Hebrew documents from original sources lies in the exact manner in which the names of the kings are spelled.
Page 51 - I have failed to find any hint indicating that they have ever appealed for their information to any original sources outside of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic ; and as to these, they pay no attention to the great Greek writers mentioned above.
Page 19 - Hebrew writers should have transliterated these names with such accurateness and conformity to philological principles is a wonderful proof of their thorough care and scholarship, and of their access to the original sources. That the names should have been transmitted to us through so many copyings and so many centuries, in so complete a state of preservation, is a phenomenon unequalled in the history of literature.
Page 15 - Abraham came out of that part of Babylonia in which writing had been in use for hundreds of years ; and...
Page 40 - Seventh, if the ceremonial law were written after the exile, when all the Jews, from Elephantine in Egypt on the west to Babylon on the east, were speaking and writing Aramaic...
Page 8 - So to Babylonian he added Ethiopic, Phoenician, all the Aramaic dialects, and Egyptian, Coptic, Persian, and Armenian. He studied in Berlin with Schrader, who was Delitzsch's teacher, called the father of Assyriology.

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