Octavian: zwei mittelenglische Bearbeitungen der Sage

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Gebr. Henninger, 1885 - Emperors - 191 pages

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Page 70 - To hys chapelle forthe he yode, And at hys masse stylle he stode, As man that was in care. The emperowrs modur let calle a knave, And...
Page 74 - Wyth myrthe, game, and with play, Whan the lady to churche yede. Kyngys dwellyd then alle in same ; There was yoye and moche game, At that grete mangery ; 195 Wyth gode metys them amonge, Harpe, pype, and mery songe, Bothe lewte and sawtre.
Page 122 - When he came to the maydyns halle, He fonde the boordys covyrde alle, And redy to go to mete ; The maydyn that was so mylde of mode, 100 In a kyrtulle there sche stode, And bowne sche was to sete.
Page 74 - The ryche clothys were alle be-bledd, Of redd golde there they ware : The grete treson that there was wroght, The lady slept and wyste hyt noght, Hur comfort was the mare.
Page 186 - XXXIX. Bot whenne he was horsede on a stede, He sprange als any sparke one glede With grymly growndyne gare ; The beryns he hitt appone the hode, Thorowe the breste-bane it wode, 455 And 3it es sene whare his horse stode, And salle be evermare ! Thane rode he up at ane heghe mountayne, And thare the sowdane hase he slayne, And many that with hym were ; 460 Thre dayes and thre nyghttes...
Page 66 - Be hys lady as he sete, For woo hys chekys waxe alle wete, That was so hende a knyght. When the lady can hyt see, Chaunge sche dud hur feyre blee, * And syghyd wondur sare : Sche felle on kneys hym agayne, And of hys sorowe sche can hym frayne, And of hys mekylle care. " For yf that hyt were yowre wylle...
Page 80 - And gaf hur the golde, and badd hur goo Owt of hys londe to lede. The knyghtys the chyldren bare, There the hye weyes ware, And forthe fulle swythe they yede...
Page 122 - Whan the gyaunt to grounde yode, Alle gladd they were ; Alle the people at the chylde loghe, How he the gyauntes helme of droghe, And hys hedd he smote of there. " The chylde lepe upon hys stede, And rode awey a gode spede, Wyth them spake he no more. The chylde...
Page 106 - what haste thou done ? What haste thou hedur broght ?" " Mercy, fadur, for Goddys pete, With the money that ye toke me, Thys horse have y boght." 75 The burges wyfe felle on kne thore, " Syr, mercy," sche seyde, " for Crystys ore, Owre feyre chylde bete ye noght!
Page 68 - And here we schalle not leve but a stownde. Y wott not how thys londe schalle fare, But leve in warre, in sorowe, and care, When we are broght to grownde ; Therfore y have so mekylle thoght, 70 That when y am to bedd broght, Y slepe but selden sownde.

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