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I am not sure what has happened to Marya Hornbacher and can't help but feel this latest offering by her is somewhat confusing, maybe even distasteful. In Sane Hornbacher basically just rolls off her experience of the 12 steps of AA. Nothing millions of other folk could not do. The most worrying aspect of the book is that while Hornbacher praises the 12 steps, I think it is important readers recognise that this praise is coming from someone who yeah does the 12 steps, but is also on a cocktail of meds and theraphy. Do the 12 steps work for her? How can anyone be sure? I am not sure if AA sets up commission for pushing its 'brand' but if so then hornbacher is sitting on a goldmine.
The most distasteful element of this book is that in her preceeding works Hornbacher would have drawn in a legion of young followers and to now bleat on about the 12 steps seems somewhat preachy and perhaps cultish. Are they not filling the seats in these meeting halls? Come on Marya! For goodness sake have some integrity, back yourself, don't go down the utterly unoriginal path of writing on the 12 steps!!

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