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Trafford Publishing, Jan 17, 2012 - Self-Help - 412 pages
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Black America stands over the spiritual abyss if we continue down the paths we are currently taking, we will be extinct by 2040 Inside this book lies scriptural answers to many problems that plague the black community today, Answers that are practical and down to earth, and not mere theoretical conjecture. It is there if we know where and how to look. Problem such as: Why blacks can’t seem to have unity? Why we fill the prisons? Why black women get involved with thugs and why do thugs have an easy time getting women (white or black) Why many women (white and black) can’t break away from toxic men? What the black man must do to save himself, his women and children? What is the African-Americans relationship with ancient Israel? Are blacks cursed and will the curse be lifted? What is the impact of Homosexuality on black Americans? Why are 70% of African-American children born into fatherless Homes? Why are 72% of African-American women unmarried? These are not answers from so-called experts or talking heads. These are from God’s word and they apply today, not just in Biblical times. Ask yourself some deep questions. Are you tired of getting your butt kicked by every one self? Are you brotha’s tired of having to deal with whorish women? Are you tired of whore-mongering and abusive men? Are you tired of struggling to overcome your own inner demons? Do you want to be able to experience “Peace that is beyond understanding”? and you want to be able to experience it now not having to just wait for it in the hereafter? These and many other questions are answered in scripture. Chances are you have been taught God’s word through a preacher or T.V. Evangelist. You need to read God’s Word as if he were talking to you directly because he is. Read, Study, Pray, Love and Live.

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