History of the Commune of 1871, tr. by E.M. Aveling

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Page 499 - One individual in particular struck me as probably owing his speedy release from the ills of this world to his having a broken nose. . . . Over a hundred being thus chosen, a firing party told off, and the column resumed its march, leaving them behind. A few minutes afterwards a dropping fire in our rear commenced, and continued for over a quarter of an hour. It was the execution of these summarily-convicted wretches.
Page 498 - Gallifet a man and woman for some particular offence. The woman, rushing out of the ranks, threw herself on her knees, and, with outstretched arms, protested her innocence in passionate terms. The general waited for a pause, and then with most impassible face and unmoved demeanour, said : 'Madame, I have visited every theatre in Paris, your acting will have no effect on me...
Page 99 - We, the regular mandatories, we cannot avow a transaction with insurgents. We should be willing to prevent a civil war, but not to appear as your auxiliaries in the eyes of France.
Page 498 - The column of prisoners halted in the Avenue Uhrich, and was drawn up, four or five deep, on the footway facing to the road. General Marquis de Galliffet and his staff dismounted and commenced an inspection from the left of the line. Walking down slowly and eyeing the ranks, the General stopped here and there, tapping a man on the shoulder or beckoning him out of the rear ranks. In most cases, without further parley, the individual...
Page 224 - explained that these were orthopaedic instruments— a superficial falsehood. The mattresses and straps struck me as being easily accounted for: I have seen such things used in French midwifery, and in cases of violent delirium ; but the rack and its adjuncts are justly objects of grave suspicion, for they imply a use of brutal force which no disease at present known would justify.
Page vii - Maleskerbes, and it is a lugubrious spectacle to see men and women, of all ages and conditions of life, defile past at intervals in that fatal direction. A party of three hundred moved across the boulevard only a few moments ago. ... At Satory, on Wednesday, a thousand of the captured insurgents revolted and got rid of their handcuffs. . . . The soldiers fired into the crowd, and three hundred insurgents were shot. ... In one of the convoys of prisoners ... a woman was being driven on by a gendarme,...
Page viii - amidst the failures and treasons of the ruling classes, have understood that the hour has struck for them to save the situation by taking into their own hands the direction of public affairs... They have understood that it is their imperious duty and their absolute right to render themselves masters of their own destinies, by seizing upon the governmental power.
Page 257 - Kossel sent the subjoined letter, resigning his position as Delegate of "War: "PARIS, May 9th. " Citizens, members of the Commune :—Being charged by you with the provisional direction of the war-operations, I feel myself incapable of any longer supporting the responsibility of a command where every one deliberates and no one obeys. " When a necessity existed for organizing the artillery, the Central Committee of that arm discussed but did not order anything. After two months of revolution, the...
Page 109 - The proletarians of Paris, amidst the failures and treasons of the ruling class, have understood that the hour has struck for them to save the situation by taking over into their own hands the direction of public affairs.
Page 321 - The expiation will be complete. It will take place in the name of the law, by the law, with the law.

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