The Life of Apollonius of Tyana: The Epistles of Apollonius and the Treatise of Eusebius, Volume 1

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William Heinemann, 1912
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Page 393 - ... him; for he no longer showed himself licentious, nor did he stare madly about, but he had returned to his own self, as thoroughly as if he had been treated with drugs; and he gave up his dainty dress and summery garments and the rest of his sybaritic way of life, and he fell in love with the austerity of philosophers, and donned their cloak, and stripping off his old self modelled his life in future upon that of Apollonius485. It is worth noting that this second story is the only account of Apollonius...
Page 41 - His sou was also examined and testified, that he saw his father, about twelve o'clock that night, lying with his head on the counter, and that " he asked him what was the matter, and he answered, that he had fallen down the back stairs and hurt himself very bad.
Page 35 - Apolloniusby dint of virtue and temperance never even in his youth was so overcome. While still a mere stripling, in full enjoyment of his bodily vigour, he mastered and gained control of the maddening passion.
Page 459 - And the relations of the maiden wanted to present him with the sum of 150,000 sesterces, but he said that he would freely present the money to the young lady by way of a dowry. Now, whether he detected some spark of life in her, which those who were nursing her had not noticed, - for it is said that although it was raining at the time, a vapour went up from her face - or whether life was really extinct, and he restored it by the warmth of his touch, is a mysterious problem which neither I myself...
Page 459 - A girl had died just in the hour of her marriage, and the bridegroom was following her bier lamenting, as was natural, his marriage left unfulfilled, and the whole of Rome was mourning with him, for the maiden belonged to a consular family. Apollonius then witnessing their grief, said : " Put down the bier, for I will stay the tears that you are shedding for this maiden.
Page 11 - I belonged to the inner circle of the Empress, for she was a devoted admirer of all rhetorical exercises; and she commanded me to recast and edit these essays, at the same time paying more attention to the style and diction of them; for the man of Nineveh had told his story clearly enough, yet somewhat awkwardly.
Page 541 - For the Jews have long been in revolt not only against the Romans, but against humanity ; and a race that lias made its own a life apart and irreconcilable, that cannot share with the rest of mankind in the pleasures of the table nor join in their libations or prayers or sacrifices, are separated from ourselves by a greater gulf than divides us from Susa or Bactra or the more distant Indies.
Page 459 - ... lamentation ; but he did nothing of the kind, but merely touching her and whispering in secret some spell over her, at once woke up the maiden from her seeming death ; and the girl spoke out loud, and returned to her father's house, just as Alcestis did when she was brought back to life by Hercules.
Page 573 - ... you who have not been so trained may go where they like !' " His disciples understood this address, and about twenty of them remained with Menippus, while the others, about ten in number, after invoking the gods and offering sacrifices for the successful result of the journey, went directly toward the Pyramids, mounted on camels, and keeping the Nile on their right hand.
Page 21 - ... of dried fruits and vegetables, for he said that all the fruits of the earth are clean. And of wine he said that it was a clean drink because it is yielded to men by so well-domesticated a plant as the vine; but he declared that it endangered the mental balance and system and darkened, as with mud, the ether which is in the soul.