Paul Jones; a romance, Volumes 1-3

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Page 187 - Ruth was left half desolate, Her father took another mate ; And Ruth, not seven years old, A slighted child, at her own will Went wandering over dale and hill, In thoughtless freedom, bold.
Page 157 - I am as free as nature first made man, Ere the base laws of servitude began, When wild in woods the noble savage ran.
Page 4 - Of prowess and conduct adequate To what our place and fame doth promise, And all the godly expect from us, Nor shall they be deceiv'd, unless We're slurr'd and outed by success; Success, the mark no mortal wit, Or surest hand can always hit...
Page 67 - Once more upon the waters ! yet once more ! And the waves bound beneath me as a steed That knows his rider.
Page 99 - Amid the strife of fratricidal foes. Her birth-star was the light of burning plains, Her baptism is the weight of blood that flows From British hearts, the blood of British veins, And famine tracks her steps, and pestilential pains.
Page 97 - John Russell, as an old friend, wrote to him advising him for his own sake, as well as for the sake of the public, to resign, but he has received no answer. I was ordered to give a Cabinet dinner to-morrow (the second of the season), because it was supposed that I never should be present at another. CHAP. of the House of Lords...
Page 53 - David devoted the flesh of the monster to the fowls of the air and the beasts of the field. The Philistine scorned and bullied him, stamped...
Page 2 - Paul Jones; a Romance. By Allan Cunningham, Author of Sir Marmaduke Maxwell, Traditional Tales, &c.

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