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John Hopkins Press, 1906 - Geology
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Page 458 - Beaver-dam caus-way to Dovertown, in Kent County upon Delaware, thence with the said road to the Long Marsh, thence with the said marsh and stream of the branch of Tuckahoe creek to Tuckahoe bridge, thence with the said creek to Great Choptank river and with the said river to the first beginning at the mouth of Hunting Creek, shall be and is hereby erected into a new county by the name of Caroline County.
Page 44 - Geological Essay on the Tertiary Formations in America," in the American Journal of Science and Arts for 1824.' This was the first attempt at a correlation of the deposits of the Coastal Plain on scientific grounds, and although thus early in the history of the subject, minute comparisons, which are always unsatisfactory, were made, yet the knowledge of the Maryland Tertiary formations was materially advanced.
Page 568 - Worcester, near the southwest corner of the farm of William P. Morris, thence due east to the Pocomoke River, thence with the channel of said river to the beginning, the Judges of election, in each of said Districts, shall receive the ballots of each elector, voting at said...
Page 546 - River, thence with the channel of said river to Tangier Sound, or the intersection of Nanticoke and Wicomico Rivers, thence up the channel of the Wicomico River to the mouth of Wicomico Creek, thence with the channel of said creek and Passerdyke Creek to Dashield's or Disharoon's Mills, thence with the...
Page 200 - In 1761 the Governor and Council of Maryland reported to the Commissioners of the Board of Trade and Plantations in England that there were eighteen furnaces and ten forges in the state, which made 2,500 tons of pig iron per year. Just prior to the beginning of the Revolution several furnaces were built in central Maryland, among them being the Catoctin furnace in Frederick county. Bishop says that during the Revolutionary War...
Page 107 - Baltimore gneiss are also numerous small bodies of metamorphosed granites and more basic igneous rocks, which have been intruded into the gneiss and subsequently metamorphosed until they are practically indistinguishable from it. The differences in character can now and then be recognized, but it has not been found possible to carry the mapping of these small igneous intrusions from one exposure to another.
Page 93 - The most ancient rocks which made up the earth's crust as well as those still in the process of deposition are here found, while between these wide limits there is hardly an important geological epoch which is not represented.
Page 440 - County, all persons who may be deemed proper to give testimony concerning the ancient and reputed divisions of said counties; and the said commissioners, or the major part of them, are also hereby empowered to search the records of the general court, or any county court, for testimonials, to ascertain the division line aforesaid and the said commissioners, or the major part of them shall and they are hereby required to return their proceedings, together with the proofs whereon the same may be founded,...
Page 502 - When that part of Allegany county, lying south and west of a line beginning at the summit of Big Back Bone or Savage mountain, where that mountain is crossed by Mason and Dixon's line, and running thence by a straight line, to the middle of Savage river where it empties into the Potomac river...
Page 29 - Outline of present knowledge of the physical features of Maryland, embracing an account of the physiography, geology, and mineral resources.

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