Use and Redesign in IS: Double Helix Relationships?

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Hans-Erik Nissen, Peter Bednar, Christine Welch
Informing Science, 2007 - Information technology - 324 pages
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Page 47 - For remember that in general we don't use language according to strict rules — it hasn't been taught us by means of strict rules, either.
Page 55 - The report aspect of a message conveys information and is, therefore, synonymous in human communication with the content of the message. It may be about anything that is communicable regardless of whether the particular information is true or false, valid, invalid or undecidable. The command aspect, on the other hand, refers to what sort of message it is to be taken as, and, therefore, ultimately to the relationship between the communicants.
Page 31 - We have found, on the contrary, that metaphor is pervasive in everyday life, not just in language but in thought and action. Our ordinary conceptual system, in terms of which we both think and act, is fundamentally metaphorical in nature.
Page 30 - Metaphor is for most people a device of the poetic imagination and the rhetorical flourish— a matter of extraordinary rather than ordinary language. Moreover, metaphor is typically viewed as characteristic of language alone, a matter of words rather than thought or action.
Page 47 - In logical syntax the meaning of a sign should never play a role. It must be possible to establish logical syntax without mentioning the meaning of a sign : only the description of expressions may be presupposed. 3.331 From this observation we turn to Russell's 'theory of types'.
Page 312 - We select, from an infinite number of relations between things, a set which, because of coherence and pattern and purpose, permits an interpretation of what might otherwise be a meaningless cavalcade of arbitrary events. It follows that the detection of system in the world outside ourselves is a subjective matter. Two people will not necessarily agree on the existence, or nature, or boundaries of any system so detected.
Page 54 - Activity or inactivity, words or silence all have message value: they influence others and these others, in turn cannot not respond to these communications and are thus themselves communicating.
Page 47 - ... definition' to them. To suppose that there must be would be like supposing that whenever children play with a ball they play a game according to strict rules.
Page 47 - ... we aren't able to do so. We are unable clearly to circumscribe the concepts we use; not because we don't know their real definition, but because there is no real 'definition
Page 249 - modalities' of structuration serve to clarify the main dimensions of the duality of structure in interaction, relating the knowledgeable capacities of agents to structural features.

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