The Official Railway List: A Complete Directory of the Presidents, Vice Presidents, General Managers and Assistants ... of Railways in North America. And Handbook of Useful Information for Railway Men ...

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Railway Purchasing Agent Company, 1894 - Railroads
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Page 367 - The party of the first part hereby agrees, on presentation of the statement above mentioned, to pay the party of the second part any balance due from lack of sufficient service on the part of the wheels (with above exceptions), to balance the charge, and the party of the second part hereby agrees to pay to the party of the first part any balance due as shown by the aforesaid statement, settlements to be made quarterly.
Page 84 - In use on over 75,000 cars in Europe and America. Adopted by the US Lighthouse Board for lighting buoys. The best, most economical and only safe light for railroad purposes. In brilliancy and cleanliness unsurpassed.
Page 52 - OVER 20,000 IN USE. RECENT IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENTS. The Handiest, Simplest and Most Efficient Steam Pump for General Mining, Quarrying', Railroad, Irrigating, Drainage. Coal-washing, Tank-filling, Paper Mill, Sewer and Bridge Contractors
Page 367 - ... statement which will show : 1. The wheel number. 2. The service in which the wheel ran. 3. The amount of service in months or miles. 4. The cause of failure. 5. A charge against the party of the first part of fifty-five per cent of the price of the wheel mentioned above. 6. A credit to the party of the first part of cents per 1,000 miles for 36 in. passenger equipment.
Page 192 - Interstate 1 rallie, affording the opportunity of controlling the speed of trains by their use on railways over which they may pass. Orders have been received for 173,000 of the improved quick-action brakes since December, 1887.
Page 228 - FOR BRIDGES. ROOFS. STRUCTURAL IRON. AND ALL EXPOSED METAL OR WOOD SURFACES Warranted not affected by Heat, Cold. Salt Brine. Acid Fumes, Smoke or Chemicals. DETROIT GRAPHITE MFG. CO. DETROIT, MICH.
Page 46 - OF FLEXIBLE SHAFTS. PORTABLE DRILLING, TAPPING, REAMING, and BORING MACHINES Also Tools for Emery Wheel Grinding, Metal and Wood Polishing, Cattle Brushing and Clipping, Builders of Special Machines for Railroads.
Page 367 - ... however, understood and agreed that no credit shall be allowed for excessive mileage for time service on freight wheels beyond the time guaranteed. 5. The party of the second part hereby agrees to hold, subject to the inspection of the party of the first part, for a period of thirty days after the said statement has been rendered, any wheels (with above exceptions) which have not earned for themselves a credit equal to the amount charged against them.
Page 136 - Pressed Wrought Iron Open TURNBUCKLES THE BEST. Adopted as Standard by a Majority of Railroads in the United States. The Cleveland City Forge and Iron Co., Cleveland, 0.

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