Illustrations of Universal Progress: A Series of Discussions

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D. Appleton, 1870 - Philosophy - 446 pages
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Page 389 - For by art is created that great LEVIATHAN called a COMMONWEALTH, or STATE, in Latin CIVITAS, which is but an artificial man ; though of greater stature and strength than the natural, for whose protection and defence it was intended...
Page 2 - ... not so much the substance as the shadow. That progress in intelligence seen during the growth of the child into the man, or the savage into the philosopher, is commonly regarded as consisting in the greater number of facts known and laws understood ; whereas the actual progress consists in those internal modifications of which this increased knowledge is the expression.
Page 60 - He feels, with a vividness which no others can, the utter incomprehensiblencss of the simplest fact, considered in itself. He alone truly sees that absolute knowledge is impossible. He alone knows that under all things there lies an impenetrable mystery.
Page 58 - It will be seen that as in each event of to-day, so from the beginning, the decomposition of every expended force into several forces has been perpetually producing a higher complication ; that the increase of heterogeneity so brought about is still going on and must continue to go on ; and that thus progress is not an accident, not a thing within human control, but a beneficent necessity.
Page 342 - When we have once arrived at the conviction that the nummulitic formation occupies a middle place in the Eocene series, we are struck with the comparatively modern date to which some of the greatest revolutions in the physical geography of Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa must be referred. All the mountain chains, such as the Alps, Pyrenees, Carpathians, and Himalayas, into the composition of whose central and loftiest parts the nummulitic strata enter bodily, could have had no existence till after...
Page 60 - Inward and outward things he thus discovers to be alike inscrutable in their ultimate genesis and nature. He sees that the materialist and spiritualist controversy is a mere war of words; the disputants being equally absurd—each believing he understands that which it is impossible for any man to understand.
Page 58 - Little as it seems to do so, fearless inquiry tends continually to give a firmer basis to all true Religion. The timid sectarian, alarmed at the progress of knowledge, obliged to abandon one by one the superstitions of his ancestors, and daily finding his cherished beliefs more and more shaken, secretly fears that all things may some day be explained...
Page 214 - ... variations of voice are the physiological results of variations of feeling. It follows that each inflection or modulation is the natural outcome of some passing emotion or sensation; and it follows that the explanation of all kinds of vocal expression must be sought in this general relation between mental and muscular excitements.
Page 194 - WHY do we smile when a child puts on a man's hat ? or what induces us to laugh on reading that the corpulent Gibbon was unable to rise from his knees after making a tender declaration ? The usual reply to such questions is, that laughter results from a perception of incongruity. Even were there not, on this reply, the obvious criticism that laughter often occurs from extreme pleasure or from mere vivacity, there would still remain the real problem— How comes a sense of the incongruous to be followed...
Page 244 - Scarcely any nebulae lie near the galactic- circle ; and the great mass of them lie round the galactic poles. Can this be mere coincidence ? When to the fact that the general mass of nebulae are antithetical in position to the general mass of stars, we add the fact that local regions of nebulae are regions where stars are scarce, and the further fact that single nebulae are habitually found in comparatively starless spots, does not the proof of a physical connection become overwhelming...

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