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It is a 5 star book that should not be read until the first two books Robert Monroe wrote have been read but I will summarize them briefly. The first book is about his discovery of out of body states and a growing confidence in what he experiences in his out of body travels. The second is an expansion of his out of body travel and he learns that he is not alone, there is a presence with him at times. He receives rotes, which I understand were packages/downloads of information into his mind that he could unpack at his leisure.
Ultimate Journey is different, he has learned a lot and has come to see himself collecting bits of himself. But also he's rescuing lost/stuck souls (??) and mapping the inner territory he is travelling through by experiences that are sometimes frightening to think about. Its a personalized life journey as well as work done for another level, but that's what I got from it. There is a kind of life review as well as an exploration of mind states and the undeniable fact that the body is tethered to an other non-physical body. I later was introduced to Emanuel Swedenborgs writings which would have seemed more fantastic than any of the science fictions I have read if I had not read Mr. Monroe s books and learned from them that they were stages of his journey.
Ultimate Journey is about his discovery of the 10 basics. How odd that UJ was published at about the same time that James Redfields Celestine Prophecy and his 10 insights became a global best seller .

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