Prince Fortunatus: A Novel

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Harper, 1890 - 432 pages
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Page 344 - They little know what dreams have been My playmates, night and day; Of equal kindness, helpful care, A mother's perfect sway. Now earth to earth in convent walls, To earth in churchyard sod : I was not good enough for man, And so am given to God.
Page 128 - I to the hills will lift mine eyes, from whence doth come mine aid, My safety cometh from the Lord, who Heaven and Earth hath made.
Page 437 - Nothing can exceed the masculine firmness, the quiet force of his own style, in which every phrase is a close sequence, every epithet a paying piece, and the ground is completely cleared of the vague, the ready-made and the second-best. Less than any one today does he beat the air; more than any one does he hit out from the shoulder.
Page 37 - O great god Pan ! The sun on the hill forgot to die, And the lilies revived, and the dragon-fly Came back to dream on the river. Yet half a beast is the great god Pan, To laugh as he sits by the river, Making a poet out of a man : The true gods sigh for the cost and pain, — For the reed which grows nevermore again As a reed with the reeds in the river.
Page 379 - It never happened before," the young man said, in lower tones. " I never — had to give in before " "Now tell me," Dr. Whitsen continued. " Dr. Ballardyce is your usual medical attendant, is he not ? " " I know him very well ; he is an old friend of mine ; but I've never had occasion to trouble him much," was the answer, given with some greater care and reserve. " I will call on him as I go by ; and if possible we will come down together in the afternoon...
Page 433 - Post 8vo, Half Leather, $2 00. Mr. Warner's pen-pictures of the characters typical of each resort, of the manner of life followed at each, of the humor and absurdities peculiar to Saratoga, or Newport, or Bar Harbor, as the case may be, are as good-natured as they are clever. The satire...
Page 334 - I can tell you ! — she's wandering along in front of the pavement at Brighton, in a green petticoat and a yellow handkerchief on her head, and singing to a concertina ! That's about it, I should think ; and very likely the seedy swell is waiting for her in their lodgings — waiting for her to bring the money home ! " Lionel rose ; he said not a word ; but the pallor of his face and the fire in his eyes were terrible to see. Plainly enough she saw them ; but she was only half-terrified ; she seemed...
Page 434 - A portfolio of delightsome studies among the Italian poets ; musings in a golden granary full to the brim with good things. . . . We venture to say that no acute and penetrating critic surpasses Mr. Howells in true insight, in polished irony, in effective and yet graceful treatment of his theme, in that light and indescribable touch that lifts you over a whole sea of froth aud foam, and fixes your eye, not on the froth and foam, but on the solid objects, the true heart and soul of the theme.
Page 434 - ANNIE KILBURN. 12mo, Cloth, $1 50. Mr. Howells has certainly never given us in one novel so many portraits of intrinsic interest. Annie Kilburn herself is a masterpiece of quietly veracious art — the art which depends for its effect on unswerving fidelity to the truth of Nature. ... It certainly seems to us the very best book that Mr.
Page 434 - Press. THE MOUSE -TRAP, and Other Farces. Post 8vo, Cloth, $1 00. Mr. Howells's gift of lively appreciation of the humors that lie on the surface of conduct and conversation, and his skill in reproducing them in literary form, make him peculiarly successful in his attempts at graceful, delicately humorous dialogue. . . . He can make his characters talk delightful badinage, or he can make them talk so characteristically as to fill the reader with silent laughter over their complete unconsciousness...

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