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The police spot a Ford Taurus with no headlights on weaving down a street, and when the officer puts his lights on, the driver of the Ford brakes, speeds up and drives into a light pole. The driver is 13-year-old Kevin Johnson, with passenger Christy McNamara, a girl his age. Officer Evans takes Christy home and Kevin to the Bedford County Juvenile Detention Center on a stolen-car rap, driving ... Read full review

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This book is great it reminds me of when I play soccer. My favorite part of this book is at the end because kevin has the main character has been though so much and at the final soccer game versus the golden eagles at the last penalty kick kevin tries to make the shot but I'm not saying what happens but Sargent brown the next day wants to play soccer with him and tells him you need to practice more on your soccer.This book is great and I love it thank you for writing this book.  

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