Fraternity Gang Rape: Sex, Brotherhood, and Privilege on Campus

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NYU Press, 1. 3. 2007 - 254 strán (strany)
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This widely acclaimed and meticulously documented volume illustrates, in painstaking and disturbing detail, the nature of fraternity gang rape. Drawing on interviews with both victims and fraternity members, Peggy Reeves Sanday reconstructs daily life in the fraternity, highlighting the role played by pornography, male bonding, and degrading, often grotesque, initiation and hazing rituals.

In a substantial new introduction and afterword, Sanday updates the incidences of fraternity gang rape on college campuses today, highlighting such recent cases as that of Duke University and others in the headlines. Sanday also explores the nature of hazing at sororities on campus and how Greek life in general contributes to a culture which promotes the exploitation and sexual degradation of women on campus. More broadly, Sanday examines the nature of campus life today and the possibility of creating a rape-free campus culture.


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Introduction to the Second Edition
Foreword by Judge Lois G Forer
Introduction to the First Edition
I The XYZ Express
II Phallocentrism Male Power and Silencing the Feminine
2006Has Anything Changed?
About the Author
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Strana 20 - It is true," says the learned judge just referred to, " that rape is a most detestable crime, and therefore ought " severely and impartially to be punished with death ; but " it must be remembered that it is an accusation easy to be " made, and hard to be proved, but harder to be defended " by the party accused, though innocent.
Strana 20 - Rape is the carnal knowledge of any woman above the age of ten years against her will, and of a woman-child under the age of ten years with or against her will.
Strana 2 - ... he has substantially impaired the other person's power to appraise or control his or her conduct, by administering or employing without the other's knowledge drugs, intoxicants or other means for the purpose of preventing resistance; or...

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Peggy Reeves Sanday is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of many books, including A Woman Scorned: Acquaintance Rape on Trial and, most recently, Women at the Center: Life in a Modern Matriarchy.

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