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All you have to do to totally negate the pro gay movement is read Making Gay Okay by Robert R. Reilly, a truly brilliant book. It includes philosophy, real case studies, the errors in the pro gay thinking, the fake studies produced by gay groups and what the real science studies tell, how all this affects the law and morality, the weaknesses in the court's thinking and how it undermines the law. You will finish the book feeling very sad and worried about the children of gay parents in particular. The gay movement is particularly devastating for the children. Read it and find out. Don't be just another brain washed liberal who has spent 12 or 16 years with 95% liberal professors, reads only liberal papers (95% of journalists are Democrats.), watches only liberal movies, and thinks that watching the new Arab network is being balanced. Get Conservative Digest and at least have a once a week conservative read. You might have to read Making Gay Okay three times to fully digest it. It is that deep.Understand the inherent danger of rationalization. You violate natural law at your own peril.  

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A lot of stupid liberals still deny that the LGBT movement has an agenda. They need to read this book, in which the agenda was candidly laid out, It was the outcome of a conference of 175 leading LGBT activists in the USA in 1988. The book proclaims
i) the homosexuals want ultimate power over society
ii) that they w ant to destroy the family and all morality, replacing it with their own tyranny
iii) that they want sexual access to children from babyhood onwards, and that to get it they are prepared to breed children in labs so they will have no parental protection
iv) that to achieve their control they are using mass media techniques, propaganda, brainwashing, deception, manipulation and the aggressive vilification of opponents.
The LGBT movement is now trying to hide this book and stop sane people from getting hold of their manifesto. Get it for your local library and expose their nasty schemes.
NB the book is not " compassionate" and homosexuals are not 10% of the population, they are only 1.5%.

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