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One of the best non-fiction reads..ever. Hildebrand does a marvolous job immersing the reader in the life and times od Seabiscuit and his jockey and owners. A must read!

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47. Seabiscuit, by Laura Hillenbrand. 339 pages. This is nonfiction. It is definitely one of the better books I have ever read, and I am not a horse freak. Don’t own one, and they generally scare me when I ride one, don’t you know? So, here I am reading about this Preakness-winning horse, and I am totally absorbed into it. It was a New York Times best seller, and I would support that opinion here. It is also an awesome story because of the great way is discusses the lives of the jockeys who ride and love this outstanding piece of horse flesh.
*****Five Star rating!!

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