Annual Register, Volume 18

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Edmund Burke
1780 - History

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Page 30 - his face was as if it had been the face of an angel.” I do not know how others feel; but, if I had Stood in that fituation, I never would have exchanged it for all that kings in their
Page 30 - I never would have exchanged it for all that kings in their profuSion could beStow. I did hope, that that day's danger and honour would have been a bond to hold us all together for ever. But, alas! that, with other pleaSing
Page 174 - Would you have any more reaSons? An interval of above forty years has pretty well deStroyed the charm. A dead lord ranks but with commoners: vanity is no longer intereSted in the matter, for the new road is become an old one. The
Page 2 - than fervitude or death. In our own native land, in defence of the freedom that is our birthright, and which we ever enjoyed till the late violation of it; for the
Page 26 - to the mediocrity of my talents and pretenSions. But a Situation near enough to enable me to fee, as well as others, what was going on; and! did fee in that noble perfon fuch found principles, fuch an enlargement of mind,
Page 24 - the underStanding, than all the other kinds of learning put together; but it is not apt, except in perfons very happily born, to open and to liberalize the mind
Page 63 - year with Mr. Fetherfton, a clergyman, about feven miles from Wicklow, who, being a relation of my mother's, invited us to his parfonage at Animo.—.It was in this pariSh, during our Stay, that I had that wonderful
Page 27 - and limitations. The other principle was, that taxes of this kind were contrary to the fundamental principles of commerce on which the colonies were founded; and contrary to every idea of political equity; by which equity we are bound, as much as
Page 30 - of gratitude and tranfport. They jumped upon him like children on a long-abfent father. They clung about him as captives about their redeemer. All England, all America, joined to his applaufe. Nor did he
Page 270 - the war, though So recently and amply acknowledged in the moSt honourable manner by his MajeSty, by the late King, and by Parliament; could not (ave them from the meditated innovations. Parliament was influenced to adopt the

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