Elizabeth, Or, The Exiles of Siberia: A Tale Founded Upon Facts

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H. Mozley, 1815 - 174 pages
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Page 136 - How !" interrupted the old woman aloud, " My poor child, have you then given away all you possessed?" Elizabeth blushed, and hung down her head. The exile started from his seat, and, raising his hands to Heaven, threw himself upon his knees before her. " Angel that thou art," he exclaimed, " can I make no return to you, who have thus bestowed your all upon me?
Page 79 - I had so lately learnt what is due to a parent, I could not expose the life of mine. To you, however, I will confess, that my duty was not, like yours, performed with delight. I returned to Tobolsk with a broken heart. My father informed me that a mandate from the emperor must...
Page 115 - ... her own efforts for procuring him relief. After fastening some pieces of the old tapestry, which lined the sides of the apartment, across the windows, she went out into the fields in search of certain wild herbs, the virtues of which she had been taught by her mother, and of which she made a salutary beverage for the suffering missionary. As night approached, the symptoms of his malady grew every instant more alarming, and the unfortunate Elizabeth could no longer restrain her tears. She withdrew...
Page 57 - It was not with the embarrassment generally attending upon stolen meetings of this nature, but with all the security of unsuspecting innocence, that Elizabeth repaired, on the following morning, to the chapel. Her steps were lighter and her pace swifter than usual, as she considered what she was doing as the first movement she had made towards the liberation of her father.
Page 151 - I have not a room to give you," said he, " there is not one in my house unoccupied : but my wife will receive you into hers for one night. She is kind and compassionate, and will readily endure...
Page 62 - Astonishing!" he exclaimed, "That neither pride nor ambition should have had any share in suggesting an enterprise to which your whole soul is devoted? You know not the honours you would regain ; you think only of your parents. But what is grandeur of birth to a soul like jours? What, to the sentiments which inspire it, is the lofty name of " " Hold," interrupted she, "the secret you are about to reveal belongs to my father, and from him only I must learn it."
Page 160 - Smoloff then dispersed the soldiers, and led Elizabeth back towards the church. The imperial procession was at that instant issuing from the great gate of the cathedral. As soon as the monarch appeared, Smoloff, holding Elizabeth by the hand, forced a passage through the guards, and threw himself with her at the emperor's feet. "Sire...
Page 132 - ... order, on the confines of China ; some on foot, and others on the cars which conveyed the animals, poultry, and baggage. Notwithstanding these were criminals, who had been sentenced to a milder doom, for offences which might have been punished with death, they did not fail to excite compassion in her.
Page 105 - And your poor mother," continued he, " when she awakes, what shall I say to her ? what shall I answer when she asks me for her child ? She will seek you in the forest, on the borders of the lake, everywhere; and I shall follow, weeping with her, and calling despondingly for our child, who will no longer hear us.
Page 116 - When it grew dark, Elizabeth lighted a rosin taper, and remained seated all night at the foot of the bed to attend her patient: a little before day-break, she approached to give him some drink : the missionary, feeling that the moment of his dissolution was near at hand, lifted himself up a little in the bed, and...

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