Svensk-Engelsk hand-ordbok

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Page 77 - As you have made your bed, so you must lie in it' ; which again is simply a lie.
Page 251 - ... have the name of a sluggard, it is no use rising betimes. He would do well to say nothing about the score who pays nothing. He's a clever fellow. He gave his word. His wife is a good manager. He got wind of it. He pounced on everything. They were obliged to retreat. He likes to be perfectly free. He looks as if butter would not melt in his mouth ; he shams innocence. * The motto of the Order of the Garter.
Page 363 - V. a. to shut, to close, to enclose, to hedge in, to fence, to hem in, to block up ; to stop. - fSr , to shut up, to bolt before. — igen, to shut, to stop. - tig inné, to shut one'
Page 194 - m. an iron or wooden collar to fasten cows and oxen to the crib.
Page 353 - Leitill. tigA -»to be silent, to keep counsel, iv.r - у be quiet. — , v, a. to quiet , to calm, to mitigate, to still, to appease , to pacify, to compose, to allay, to quench, to quell ; to stanch, to rtop ; to moderate. - ftfûttlt , to give tlio catUe their fodder. - upp (frtatutb to rtallfeed. -tiafllh'
Page 47 - I have nothing to do with it, it is none of my concerns, I am not concerned with [about] it.
Page 61 - ¡if f<' ~, to remove, to move. — dragt, m. embezzlement of goods or money committed by one partner to the prejudice of the other, -fast, a. landed who has his own house, -flyttuing, f. removal. -fällig , a. decayed. -f ällighet, f. decay, -hag, -hagstyg, П. moveables in a house, furniture^ -lek , ч>
Page 363 - Stíírfuj fe to strengthen, to corroborate, to comfort; to confirm, to fortify; to encourage; to starch.
Page 443 - Stí« bennan. -frit, /. an elderly gentlewoman who has the keeping of a royal palace in the country, etter is in attendance of the queen, egefäft, m, liéad-joúrney-man, senior, héadn work-man.
Page 362 - Stiill||:i, va to place, to set, to put, to post, to plant ,' to station ; to ci eeive ; to deliver , to furnish ; to address.

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