Greek extracts, chiefly from the Attic writers, with a vocabulary, for the use of the Edinburgh academy

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Page 218 - This work follows the natural mode in which a child learns to speak its own language, by repeating the same words and phrases in a great variety of forms until the pupil becomes familiar with their use. Caron's First French Reading-book: Being Easy and Interesting Lessons, progressively arranged.
Page 218 - Caron's Principles of French Grammar. With numerous Exercises. 2s. KEY, 2s. Spectator. — " May be recommended for clearness of exposition, gradual progression, and a distinct exhibition to the mind through the eye by means of typographical display: the last an important point where the subject admits of it.
Page 211 - Baba and the Forty Thieves. Old Mother Goose. The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood. The Wolf and the Goats. One, two; button my shoe. Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son. The Wolf and the Fox. The Fox and the Farmer.
Page 211 - Series,' some of the most Popular Tales for Children, including, besides RrMnson Crusoe and Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare, the most attractive stories of Fairies and Giants. They have not attempted by annotation or abridgment to make their books look like treatises, but have been content to rely on the fascination of the stories themselves, as the best means of overcoming the mechanical difficulty of reading.
Page 217 - First Part comprehends Words in Common Use, Terms connected with Science and the Fine Arts, Historical, Geographical, and Biographical Names, with the Pronunciation according to the French Academy and the most eminent Lexicographers and Grammarians. The Second Part is an ample Dictionary of English words, with the Pronunciation according to the best Authorities.
Page 216 - A Complete System of Arithmetic, Theoretical and Practical ; containing the Fundamental Rules, and their Application to Mercantile Computations ; Vulgar and Decimal Fractions ; Involution and Evolution ; Series ; Annuities, Certain and Contingent.
Page 211 - Macbeth. Much Ado about Nothing. As You Like it.

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