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What is the meaning of rehhabilation

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World Book dictionary. (2007). Chicago, IL: World Book Inc.
ISBN: 0-7166-0299-7
Pp. 2430
Price: $92.00
This two-volume dictionary has several additional features such as:
• About this book
• Guide to the dictionary
• Using your language
• Where English comes from
• Using different languages
• How to write effectively
• And various subsections to those listed above
Volume 1 contains words beginning with A-K; Volume 2 contains words beginning with L-Z.
The standards pronunciation guide and key are provided.
The volumes have a three-column layout, in a standard dictionary format, with entry words in bold font, followed by phonetic pronunciation, part of speech, and then definition of entry word. Etymology for entry words is also included in each entry. Guidewords in bold are provided at the top of each page.
Black and white illustrations are provided occasionally.
This dictionary is for a user who is accustomed to using these resources; it is an advanced dictionary.

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