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So you think, along with all those benighted scientists, that the physical world has been pretty completely explained, and there's not likely to be anything new under the sun? Well, then, suggests blockbuster king Crichton, how about something old- and-new'specifically, quantum teleportation back to medieval France? Readers who checked under the bed for raptors after finishing The Lost World (1995 ... Read full review

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It was a very interesting book. I liked the combination of physics with history. I generally love history oriented fiction and this is one such book. The author has maintained the pace all through the book. Enjoyed reading it.

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I personally liked the book a great deal. I chose at as a sci-fi/fantasy book for my English class and when I read it, I just loved it. I was interested with the "time travel", multivers theory, and the quantuam technology. Maybe is hould be a physicist!!!

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If you think that this book explains quantum mechanics then your are being
suckered. What the author tries to describe here is not only ridiculous but also pointlessly ridiculous. Should have tried to read a book or two before writing this one.

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Great book. One of my Favorites!

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Awesome book. Very gripping and it keeps you interested in learning about the Multiverse, quantum physics, etc. All in all an awesome read. considering I am reading it in 2009 and actually finding it believable, I wonder in 1999 when ppl read it what must have been the response!

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I actually understand quantum physics now! The author used excellent sources! If your a history lover, this book will knock your socks off!

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