On the Frontier with St. Clair: A Story of the Early Settlement of the Ohio Country

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W.A. Wilde Company, 1902 - Indiana - 343 pages
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Page 29 - Under the greenwood tree Who loves to lie with me, And tune his merry note Unto the sweet bird's throat — Come hither, come hither, come hither! Here shall he see No enemy But winter and rough weather. Who doth ambition shun And loves to live i' the sun, Seeking the food he eats And pleased with what he gets — Come hither, come hither, come hither!
Page 351 - ... the adventures of a boy who fought his way to success with clean grit and good sense, accomplishing what is within the power of every American boy if he sets about it. It is full of movement, sound in sentiment, and wholesome in character. The Beach Patrol A STORY OF THE LIFE-SAVING SERVICE. 318pp. A spirited picture of the labors and dangers to which members of the life-saving service are exposed and which few realize. The Young Supercargo A STORY OF THE MERCHANT MARINE. 352 pp. This book has...
Page 345 - THREE COLONIAL BOYS: A STORY OF THE TIMES OF '76. By Everett T. Tomlinson, Ph. D.
Page 352 - CADET STANDISH OF THE ST. LOUIS A STORY OF OUR NAVAL CAMPAIGN IN CUBAN WATERS. 352 pages. Cloth. $1.50. In " Cadet Standish of the St. Louis
Page 348 - Two Young Patriots " takes up as its pivotal point, Burgoyne's invasion, and the narrative deals particularly with the historic events connected with the campaign. It not only gives to the reader a story, but also a most correct outline of the Invasion itself. The book is full of fervor, fire and fun, and its author here reasserts his claim to consideration as a high-class writer for first-rate books for boys. — S. S Times.
Page 347 - Washington's Young Aids" deals in a way dear to the boyish hearts with thrilling events of the New Jersey Campaign of 1776-7. Into the story are interwoven historical facts of great value, taken from old records and less familiar than those relating to other periods in the struggle for...
Page 345 - Boys," the first of a promised War of the Revolution Series, dealing with events prior to and during the war. We are impressed by the wholesome lessons of patriotism inculcated by the three youths. Our boys need it, and the work is well begun.
Page 219 - ... redirected by higher authority. We are going to stay right with the funding as planned. Mr. DICKINSON. That is reassuring and I am pleased to hear that. There was a rumor going about that there was a strong effort afoot to abolish the Joint Cruise Missile Office. I do not know how true that is, but I would like you to tell me what you know about it.
Page 352 - The hero is a fine fellow in every way : in his relations to his widowed mother, as a young business man, and with his associates in the navy.
Page 345 - ... A healthful and very readable story for young people. It deals with one of the most interesting periods of American History, and is based on facts. Pure in tone, it is admirably suited for school libraries because of its historic teaching. — The Advance. Our literature for the young is none too well supplied with books of interest on their country's history, so we gladly welcome the " Three Colonial Boys," the first of a promised War of the Revolution Series, dealing with events prior to and...

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