Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences and Analytical Index: A Yearly Report of the Progress of the General Sanitary Sciences Throughout the World. [1888-1896.] ...

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F.A. Davis Company, 1888
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Page 131 - There is also a distinction between a witness of facts and a witness selected by a party to give his opinion on a subject with which he is peculiarly conversant from his employment in life. The former is bound as a matter of public duty to testify to facts within his knowledge. The latter is under no such obligation, and the party who selects him must pay him for his time before. he will be compelled to testify.
Page 481 - Appendix, that after a certain number of days' drying, it may be injected into healthy rabbits or other animals without any danger of producing rabies. And by using, on each successive day, the virus from a spinal cord dried during a period shorter than that used on the previous day, an animal may be made almost certainly secure against rabies, whether from the bite of a rabid dog or other animal, or from any method of subcutaneous inoculation.
Page 481 - It may hence be deemed certain that M. Pasteur has discovered a method of protection from rabies comparable with that which vaccination affords against infection from smallpox.
Page 76 - ... chains dangling from them and resting upon the floor. This oversight may not prove serious in dry, cold weather; but it is never advisable to leave the chains attached to the poles when the instrument is not in use. 4. The plates may have loosened from the axle, and in consequence some may fail to revolve properly. To obviate this occurrence double nuts should be used on the plate-axle. 5. The combs may have become displaced so as to touch the glass or to bear an improper relation to the paper...
Page 110 - ... added, and the whole allowed to stand until the next day. It is then filtered through a small filter and the residue washed. A little pure nitric acid is then added, drop by drop, to dissolve the lead sulphid left on the filter and carry it through as nitrate.
Page 476 - That there exists in the cords and brains of animals inoculated in Pasteur's laboratory a specific virus capable of the production of similar symptoms through a long series of animals. 2. That these symptoms are produced with absolute certainty when the method of inoculation is by trephining the skull and injection under the dura mater ; with less certainty when the inoculation is by subcutaneous injection. 3. That the strength of this virus is lessened when the cords containing it are removed from...
Page 242 - Not less than 250 cubic feet of air space should be allowed per pupil, and provision for changing air should be made, so as to secure each pupil not less than thirty cubic feet of fresh air per minute.
Page 162 - That form of intoxication which results in the total or partial suspension of, or interference with, the normal exercise of brain function, is regarded, at law, as mental unsoundness, and sometimes amounts to a species of insanity. It has been held at law to be a voluntary madness, caused by the willful act of the drunkard, and the decisions have been uniform, that where reason has been thus suspended, by the voluntary intoxication of a person otherwise sane, this condition does not relieve him from...
Page 162 - ... this condition does not relieve him from the consequences of his criminal acts, or, more carefully stating it from acts committed by him in violation of law, while in that state. (a) There are decisions which go to the length of holding that the law will not consider the degree of intoxication...
Page 367 - Other auxiliary apparatus makes it possible to cut cellodin sections. This is effected by means of alcohol conducted by a tube from a reservoir to the knife, over which the fluid will run and drain into a tray below in such a way as not to come in contact with any other parts of the machine. This tray fits into a recess in the side of the...

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