Frozen Evolution: Or, That's Not the Way It Is, Mr. Darwin - Farewell to Selfish Gene

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Createspace Independent Pub, Jan 23, 2008 - Science - 224 pages
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The old Darwinian model of evolution was recently substituted with the selfish gene theory. The present book suggests that this mainstream theory is just as erroneous as Darwin's original model and we can soon expect another revolution. It suggests replacing the selfish gene model by a theory called "frozen evolution". The new theory assumes that the vast majority of species encountered in nature are not capable to evolve even when exposed to extremely strong selection and thus only passively wait until changes in their environment accumulate to such a degree that they have no choice but to quietly die out. Why is this true and where do the new species come from? How is it possible that species are usefully adapted to their environment and how can evolution occur at all in such an evolutionarily frozen world? This book offers an answer to these questions and, at the same time, also a frank and somewhat unusual insight into behind the scenes of contemporary science.

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